I will definitely do my best to guarantee the renewal of the two stars

I’m sure I’ll try my best to guarantee the renewal of these two superstars, and then keep some key players. In fact, as long as James and Davis stay on the team, the Lakers will always be the favourites to win the championship in the next two to three years. I agree with the quality of this certificate, including the pass you said before.

This finals, let us know that the Lakers are still the best team and the best team in the league. Many players who want to win the championship will still join the playoffs of the Lakers even if they have the base salary. Let me see that a D is actually able to compete for the role of the first person in the league, which is definitely the best team in the league.

Good player, old sticky, if you can keep the current state, even if you can keep the current state 90%, I think the Lakers will still be in the ranks of the championship for a long time, and the very important point is that there is still one last year left in the contract of kuisma. I agree with both of them, but actually as the Lakers, if the contract is for next year.

And in fact, he is sure that his goal next year will be to defend the title, but the road of defending the title next year will certainly not be so easy. Although the Clippers are very disappointing in the playoffs this year, next year’s clippers should still make a comeback. Suddenly, they may have to face this painful disaster in the playoffs.

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It’s very clear at a glance to share the number one winner of Zhongdou

Carter is free and easy, Kobe is fat and actually very important. The most important point is that they have been in the No. 4 draft this year, and they may choose the position in the No. 4 line. This year, they may be my favorite player. They are called Luca 2.0, a new treasure of small forward from Israel.

Haha, and then in Dani afdiya, I think this player is very suitable for the princess to watch. Amo, I think we will fight next season, because this year’s draft, the general assembly, my favorite Lotto show is that she said that since it comes to the draft, we say a little more, in fact, this year’s draft is very interesting, basically every year in the past.

It’s very clear at a glance to share the number one winner of Zhongdou. Actually, we have talked about the number one winner this year. There may be at least three or four. It can be said that the level of the top five to the top six players this year is relatively close. From this point of view, isn’t it.

Well, it’s possible that he can’t choose the person he wants in the fourth place, but is it an advantage for the public, that is to say, I’m very close to the three teams in front of you anyway. I’ll stay here. I think I just need to pick up the most gifted one. It’s very possible that although I’m in the low-speed position, I’ve got a good result Yuan potential.

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