It shows that the superstar has both attack and defense

This is the first round of the playoffs. Leonard can play in this series, which reflects that the superstar has both attack and defense. There are only two best defensive player trophies to tell. In terms of attack, it is not only Popovich who can rest assured that he can score more points.

In the world, especially in the face of the ability to pack, we don’t have to worry about tires, we have to bear the problem of underwriting. After the Grizzlies have 10 games in a whole season, high-intensity, bags and training, we both have been covered, organized attack has been enough to affect the outcome of the game progress, he will not be like two years ago.

The opponent can’t extricate himself from the sudden bag, and breaking through the first round can not completely prove that Leonard’s leading ability and the strong enemy like the rocket warrior are the sentence patterns that he must overcome on the way to superstar.

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Fighting is like winning a championship

Covering up the history of the Spurs draft, fighting is like winning the championship, celebrating that the Spurs have chosen Parker for the first game of the new season on October 30, 2001, and Parker, the clipper of the Spurs, came on the stage as the Third French player in history to play in the NBA and the top four players in the season.

Mazda’s QQ version of two breaks, two pairs in the fourth game by 20 points, after the king, Popovich decided to prepare, November 6 against magic, Parker NBA career fifth game official game, but go really arranged his schedule.

Many people’s expectations included that he was not responsible. After all, Parker’s original position was to play as a substitute for Daniels for the time being. Buford admitted that I had never met him. He would make another one-year start and even get a lot of time. I didn’t think it would be.

It’s going to be a two to three-year deal. In the third year, who knows where he’s going to be? It’s a good move, Tucker’s first shot, it’s fast, it can push the ball up, it’s going to give the spurs a better chance to change the offense, and it can also give the Spurs some space.

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Call on players to get their rights

He called on the players to get their due rights and spend a healthy season through the open space, but he still hopes that the outside world can understand that the rest time is more important than the poet thinks. As a player, you never think about it. So it is an uncomfortable conversation.

But if you’re standing on my feet, if you’re fighting our position, you’ll understand how important he is. It’s not the whole season. Just play one game and it’s very important to have a good night’s sleep after a series of games and away games. When you open your eyes, you don’t have to think about dinner.

But this feeling of competition is really significant. Applying for the rest of my legs on the market can help me maintain my state. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for a game mentally. You underestimate the value of 24 hours. He is really so important and it is easy to break.

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Why does thunder win

At the beginning of the second half, a long had to take his children out. Why did thunder win? His butt wanted to know. If he waited patiently, the loss that he could not produce was ranked in the bottom of the league. At the critical moment, he killed the teacher completely. He taught you that he was the only one who had sung a little star without changing his shoelaces.

Key, moment, Miss Zhu, enjoy the cheers of the whole MVP and the state after the speech of thunder reform. The boy who loves to laugh is lucky. The price of March 12, a few days they know, and, the next away challenge, rockets, let people feel, a bit scalp numb yo.

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The 76 came from behind, thanks to Simmons’ outstanding performance

But in fact, the start was good, but the 76ers came from behind, relying on Simmons’s excellent, tandem ability gradually opened the score, in contrast, Cavalier James, the same priority to organize the team, but the opponent’s hand was not good, the difference was one degree, arrived, 30 points, the end of the half-time, 76 people.

Right, 23 points ahead of 55. James began to work hard to lead the team to the score. However, the 76ers kept the leading advantage in their own hands. Finally, James, three times, failed to hit all the key free throws, and unfortunately lost. After most of the games, the 76ers came to the third tier in the East. The fish belly team of the previous seasons has reached the front row in the east now. It has to be said that the earth has not deceived me. This 76 man has taught us to believe in the process.

As the saying goes, everything has a cause and effect. The 76ers can make such great progress. Compared with previous seasons, their health is undoubtedly the primary reason for the improvement of their performance. This is mainly reflected in the body of NBD and Simmons. The season playing time is no longer limited and the land is shining. Its original energy also makes people see a healthy Well, Peter was so horrible that Simmons, who was absent for a season, came back this season.

The old people feel his comprehensive and mature, another, the situation is worth paying more, for the increase of thickness, a healthy, 76 is missing for a long time to do the final preparation for the playoffs, make the 76ers a significant sign, let Reddick, baileneli and other people’s arrival, also provided experience for this team.

Plus this is what the 76ers lacked in the last few seasons. The young team is more energetic and the amazing will make the team more stable. How to mature, even if you don’t need it, veterans provide experience for the team and help young players. The 76ers’ 13 consecutive wins announce the power of the process, and the team’s performance in the course of the game is even more impressive.

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It’s like a wild animal, full of energy

When I saw the function, I felt very puzzled and curious. Once in a Steakhouse, when I invited a friend to have a steak, the waiter served him an appetizer to alert him. I didn’t know who would pay for the food, because I only said the duty steak.

How lucky, his extraordinary physical talent let her out of poverty, was selected by the NBA, and then he met, remember that he became the team’s starting point and leader, also became the all star’s starting point, his performance on the court.

Just like a beast, he is full of energy and energy. He can rebound, block, dunk and pass everything. His shooting is also improving. He is an all-round fighter. His name is Janis adtokumbo. He is from Greece. Only 22 years old, his wonderful story has just begun, good this is the quality, today brings us an NBA story ah, can only plan.

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Conceit finally killed him

Obviously, it’s not just one rebounder or three double assists. He has given up a lot of words. In 84, Byrd had 30 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists and 9 steals in the third quarter, which was nearly four doubles. But in the fourth quarter, Byrd was direct.

The reason why he refused to play was that he was already leading by a big score, so there was no need to live such a willful life. His willfulness was his absolute strength and his self-confidence that can be called conceited so far.

I’m going to kill you here. Are you here to fight for the second place? These rubbish, the words I have said, have become the classics we never tire of reading. In 1985, this kind of conceit finally hurt him.

This year’s off-season, Byrd spent a whole day shoveling sand to repair the driveway in order to make it easier for his mother to travel. This directly led to his spinal dislocation. However, he has been hiding the injury from the team, and he thinks there is no problem.

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The next step is to steal the young pitcher, Potter

The next step is to steal the young pitcher, Porter, which can be described as waving his teeth and claws. Murray, the welfare house, needs to change its defense after being picked and removed. Porter is 2.08 meters tall and welfare is only 1.85 meters. So Porter shows me his shooting skills. He is captured before the bright ball is raised.

He cut a dragon to fight back and made the score 90-90. This one-on-one way called himself a garbage dog. That is to say, once someone approached the dog, he would scream and frighten you away. But if you think that being a rotten woman would be fierce and frightening, you would be wrong.

He has a very strong position on the court. He is very sad and has many excellent skills of passing and three-point defense. He is a rare good guard. I show him a rebounding process here. It seems to be understatement. The rebounds are inadvertently taken by him. In fact, his hands are all the results of his observation and prediction of early action. Porter is in a strong start.

He has found out that, compared with montemoris on the 11th, can he or George, there must be a person in a room two situation, George is ready to block, Porter, so Beverly must prevent Monty Morris from catching the ball. So, Porter is eager to take the shot and be captured.

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What is the reason for this three and a half rocket sleepwalking

Sure enough, Wei Shao, the main scoring force, was the same as Gordon. They only got eight and seven points in the first half of the first half of the game, and then they made great efforts to catch up with them. His 25 points were actually the highest of the whole team. Obviously, this is not the state of the first three playoffs. What is the reason for this three and a half rocket sleepwalking.

I guess it’s probably related to the investigation of house’s violation of the epidemic prevention regulations. Everyone’s mind can’t concentrate on preparing for the game. But now, it’s possible that house will never play again. House’s temporary background before the third game, and the reason given at that time was a personal reason. Disney’s two days ago.

The park began to spread rumors that house and Tyson Chandler let you understand that the women who had been tested for epidemic prevention had entered the hotel room, as if they were unable to participate in the third and fourth games because of being investigated. According to the arrangement of Nb, the management of players is completely closed, and the idle people are not allowed to enter the hotel area where they live.

But the whole Disneyland and the park are not completely closed. The epidemic prevention and testing personnel do not live in it, but they have to wear a full set of protective clothing when they come into contact with the players every day. As the players know, there are surveillance probes everywhere.

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James in position 3 is more rolling

In the fourth position, the third position and the first position also has the advantage, the third position James is the crushing nature, this ball he only played 31 minutes, obtained 15 points, assists 12 times, obviously, you want to continue to play like this, I think Nuggets ah this, won’t win the chance, decided, want to win in the second game must.

Change, change, rotation, order play Craig’s role, especially defensive role, his score is average, but he is 2.01 meters tall, pace is very fast, defense, is his specialty, but the first game he only played 10 minutes, usually, tirami grant, I think Malone can increase his playing time, let him and.

Blue veil is not present at the same time, so, reduce the time of Harris, because Harris is not tall enough, but with Craig, the intensity of defense will come up. The Lakers only give the Nuggets the advantage of the second position, that is, Murray, who is also affected by fouls, still gets 21 points.

It can be seen that if John is relatively stable on the field without too many fouls and normal up and down, Murray’s attack can still be developed. Today, I’d like to introduce Thomson, who officially released his signature shoes yesterday.

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