you can’t beat the Rockets

Now the army is slack. He doesn’t understand where the tomorrow is. Maybe he won’t be able to beat the rolling man the day after tomorrow. He may go to a third party or something. Er, you can’t beat the Rockets. I still lost today.


Their own attack, almost 100 points is enough, defense, is a mess, ah, the opponent took 120 in a mess, the Rockets, ah, you, now look at the defense, ah, it’s not good, or the position of the front line is not strong enough, the position of dedication is still lacking. If you are strong enough, you should have 120 points. If you want to fight with your opponent, don’t let go of attack attack attack. You don’t want to have rebounds or anything. Then I’ll fight with you. Now, if you want to play four guards and four guards, you should play 130 points before you can win the opponent. Because the opponents are generally higher than the girls, right? They have advantages and can’t shoot rebounds. It’s his chance to play more than you

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League number one is not a false name!

You have to recognize James’ historical position. Ah, you don’t deny it. If you deny it, it’s useless. It’s just an objective fact. Ignoring it, he’s just hiding his ears and deceiving himself and asking for Michael. Good times, you say, Reggie Miller, Olajuwon, postman Malone and so on will slander Jordan? Hero cherish hero, you slander Jordan is to belittle yourself, clearly in front of you, James is better than Durant, than curry, you can’t admit it, right. You want to say black James, and so on. Yes, James has black spots, Durant has black spots, Kuri also has black spots, everyone has them. Durant will die in a word, and he will go to Ximen bridge in a word. Betray the enemy, sell friends and seek honor. Because there is nothing to say, so is cool officials. You think.


Are you innocent? I can find a lot of them. I told you that you can find them, SAMs. I can find them for you. I can give them to you. Curie Durant can find you piles of all tickets MVP. But you are also full tickets. You are full MVP. You are zero tickets. Fm1p, right. The 13th is the best record in history. At the same time, it’s 73 years old in history. It’s the best variety show runner up in history. Is there too much reason for you? You still need to apply now. You haven’t reached the low point of your career. You haven’t stepped down from the altar

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34 years ago for the first time

Technical insiders and contract teachers are very unpopular. That’s the kind of coach sent to the old school. This is the perspective of traditional basketball.


How to say, hit him skillfully, play skillfully is to hide, hit um is to give people the feeling, is not hard, is to play the key game, er, this is easy to lose the chain, ah, anyway, it is a kind of discrimination against technical centers, you know, because of the inherent thinking. Ah, how long does it take for a center to be able to play hard in the low position is the ability to be understood by the users. A few years ago, there was a position about 34 years ago for the first time. Oh, the best defensive player, the first lineup, the first defensive lineup reached this for the first time. After a while, he was confirmed by the first defense. For a period of time, ah, it suddenly flashed and disappeared. So, ah, can you call me this position? It’s just a question. Of course, if you really play this position, then we’ll admit it, right? Well, to be Peter.

Professor Yue Yu has a more obvious advantage. He still has a tough style

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the Lakers will be like this

Anthony Davis is just like the players around him who are growing up. This Warriors team is the same, ah, the game, is certainly not able to play, but, the training must be real, right, so these young players, you see, the warriors can’t keep young players, because in these young players, well, among them, you are in the Warriors team, you have no right to take the ball and do not play.


Really, so the young players don’t want to stay in the warriors, so the gilding is over. Ah, a lot. If you like it, you’ll take a good look. The hometown is a champion. The young players come here to gild. That’s the way. That’s right. So the Lakers will be like this in the future, James. Anthony Davis, um, James Anthony, Davis, then, together with a superstar, constitute this set of lineup, ah, 30 million. What we mean is that the core lineup of the team is these three 30 million players, 300030003000000. All of his players are less than 10 million. This is a reasonable and complete lineup. Ah, you don’t have to think about signing 20 million yuan. This, this Parker, oh, Jabari Park, we say that this kind of fake news is fake news. After you sign it, you will not operate Next year. It’s all right. I’m not going to operate tomorrow. 20001000 is finished. I’m in my heart. I’ll die. Goodbye. I don’t want to be a big three. I’ll talk to the bulls. I’ll talk to the bulls. I’ll talk to the Lakers. I’ll talk to the Lakers.

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Curry is worth 80 million yuan

According to the contract, which is worth 200 million yuan, James said that, ah, curry is worth at least 80 million yuan, creating a value of 80 million yuan. Well, compare yourself with yourself. Praise others and praise yourself, right? Curry is worth 80 million yuan. How much is Jiamusi worth. Right? So it’s the same with Durant. I think Durant has no way to reduce his salary in the past few years. It’s really a newcomer. This, uh, a foreign monk. You have to sign a top salary, right? The warriors have reserved a place for you. You take, champion, right? Yes, thank you. Oh, my God. I think it’s already. Thank God. Ah, so Durant can’t help it when he’s a new comer. Well, it’s impossible to go deep into it. It’s ER, the star will be 5 million, and last year it’s 8 million and 9 million. I remember correctly. In the past two years, the total loss is about 14 million, which is about 1045 million. Right? If this year is finished, it will never be able to do this again. Ah, Durant means that. Now, ah, it is very clear and obvious that the contract of 1 000 plus 1 represents flexibility.


What is flexibility? It means to put pressure on the warriors. If Durant warriors win three consecutive titles this year and Durant has won fmvp for three years, this is very important. This is a foundation. If we win, I believe that Durant’s innovation will not be able to run, and we should give it to you.

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War begins!

Director, at present, ah, improve the immediate combat effectiveness of this year, but in the long run, the above words tend to be the balance that the contract can be fulfilled in the next few years, ah, er, how to turn it over? It’s like the rocket team about the hillside. How to cash in, the rockets give such a high recognition, we have calculated before, ah, basically is the price of 1.5 first round, before even two first round signing, only to find out where Potter came from, how to calculate the specific, we have said before the program. Let’s not mention it here. We are optimistic about a model, that is, when the deleted blog plays the main starting point, then d’antony, if you approve the lineup, even if it’s complete, even if it’s completed, and it’s qualified. Go to take a good look at it. When you can’t play first, you’ve been changing. It proved that the introduction was not successful. Ah, er, because we think it is Gordon who is a good player. Although he is good at using now, he is also good at starting, right? But he always thinks that this player should play as a substitute. He is a chaos player. The main force starts first, and the five players must be stable.


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O’Neal and the like

You have to have a meat shield before you can go and compete with these teams. You have to be more hesitant with David Robinson and Olajuwon. O’Neal and the like, you go and fight, right? There are big white bears in every team. Big black bears are not the name of Gasol alone. You go and have a look at diwaz pioneers. Sorry, sabonis. And so on. Perkins has a duty.


There is also a place, ah, there is a place for use, ah, you want to put in the current league is not through, right, because there is no such player will not come out of a O’Neill, if you put the four centers in the current league you do not prepare an inside line, you are not enough, you play now you put the small ball ah, you simply play. It can put every bright spot and two drinks in it. Can you guarantee that you can throw every three-point ball into it? The Rockets, why does Morey propose to seek? The theory is that it has a lot of data. He has a lot of data to study out. I make every 100 rounds. How many, two-point shots, guerrilla area, I calculate a hit rate, I put in a few three-point ball, calculate a hit rate, I lost a few rebounds, I can play a few more back, so as to sum up, calculate a hit rate under the basket, you have to play enough, hit the percentage outside the three-point line. How many shots do you have to shoot enough to win? What kind of team do you have a big data to do statistics? Don’t call you so casually. If you play like this, you can play for me. Finally, we have to say that basketball is a sport with high intelligence quotient.

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Dunhuang can’t be surpassed

50 plus 20 rebounds, right? I haven’t seen it. Ah, I think there’s something wrong with the list. We’ve been saying that if you say the record of a single game and a single season, it’s better. It’s a bad idea. It’s very difficult for me to arrange a seat. Joe’s free time. Dunhuang can’t be surpassed. Ah, it’s absolute. Next, it’s very difficult for Jabbar to get 38000 giraffes. 400 plus 2 3-points. Ha, I think HA may be broken in the future. This single season is like 14 3-point game, which is very safe. Well, at that time, I thought that Ray Allen’s 12 three-point, Kobe’s 12-3-point, ah, a lot of ah, Ray Allen, I don’t want to go to the finals. When it comes to Kobe’s 12 three-point, I think it’s a lot, right? One after another, akuri and Thomson broke it, and I think it’s very normal. It’s because it’s a three-point era. In the era of three-point shooting, it’s not difficult to break the record. Ah Wei Shao’s main attack direction is to develop in this direction, right? Well, in a single season, do you think it’s possible? I think it’s possible in a single season. Maybe some players can break it.


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Watch it change!

Today, there are more competitions and more programs to talk about. Er, we can say more good words when we have time. If we have no time, we can have a rest. I did a few programs today. I found that many netizens hold different opinions on the whole eastern playoffs. Ah, I personally think the main reason is that the four teams are too average, each has its own good team, and each has its own supporters. The 76ers, Celtics and raptors all have ah, they are more inclined to, ah, the 76ers are against Celtics, ah, look down, bucks and raptors have more, not one or two, ah, more. On the Internet, ah, these articles, ah, fan messages, among them.

Generally, there is such a view. Let me talk about my personal opinion, because the reinforcement in the middle of the season, ah, the reinforcement in the early stage of the season, right? Only Celtic team did not do their homework, ah, only relying on the good performance of last season, then add one. I personally think, ah, for this view, I hold a conservative opinion, because in the case of last season, the Cavaliers directly killed the Raptors, and the Raptors this year’s state. In other words, the ability of players is generally better than that of last seasona2cc7cd98d1001e9cbcd98c2364839eb56e797dc

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Cabela would be the same

For these young players, um, these, er, this role is still very big, um, should we get rivers to come over? Anyway, it is to change left and right. But there is no need for a team to go to that team. This is a very convenient thing to change to. Is it right? Our case has a secret reference, ah, love has a point. I think it is also, yes, you can have a try. Ah, yes, try to talk about today’s rocket team.


Even though the team that won’t make it to the top of the league is just a white rotten team. Well, you can see that d’antony is exactly what he said yesterday. We said on yesterday’s program that otherwise valonid and Cabela would be the same. In a long period of time, ah, as the starter, today is also, to fulfill the promise, finally can put Gordon on the bench, which is very important, this is a landmark event, indicating that d’antony has already played a key role in this set of main team or modern team. I’m quite satisfied because Gordon is actually a spare tire. Even if you run in front of you and you can’t run with all four legs, you’re going to be cluttered. It’s very impossible to tap the potential of the substitutes to make up for the lack of the main lineup.

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