Jimmy Butler to know

Watching TV, high hit rate, free throw, more killing ability, more killing ability, right? We said this round of series is the 76ers’ strong suppression of the most Nb in the layup net, right? Jimmy Butler should know how to sacrifice and how to sacrifice. All the titles are in the title. Please be in the title. Ah, Simmons, the soft egg, the soft egg, was spurred by us. Today, it is the recovery and awakening. After cutting three pairs, it is the normal cell filament that should be beaten. For this level, ah, three points to do ah, enbeder inside strong suppression of Jimmy Butler to know that the important point of sacrificing Jimi Butler is to lead the team to lead the defense of the whole team to prevent Russell, the entire net team only Russell can score. It’s just an accident. You don’t expect these players to break out all the time


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Thomson is jealous and tired of you

What are you thinking about? You’re thinking with your big toe, so you’re tweeting about this disease, Leonard and the like, including Owen this year. If you don’t give enough money, you won’t give enough unless you have. If you know the reason, you have the second set of reasons. Otherwise, I will give you play. It’s very important who plays with you and nobody plays with you. Because after you retire in two days, if you want to go bankrupt, you will go broke if you have no money. We have said before.


We said in the group that the school had not started yet. I said the warriors still had to go on this shift. No doubt, 25 million. Don’t come over and tell you whether it’s 10 million or 10 million. Green Thomson is jealous and tired of you. Is it useful for you to have so many champions. Is it still useful? After you retire, can you still exchange these championship trophies for money? Ah, Kobe’s you remember, it seems that you are putting our second thing out. You remember, when Kobe and his mother had a conflict, her mother sold her a championship ring and sold it for 200000 dollars. It’s 200000 dollars. It doesn’t count the cost. How much value is given to it? So, er, you remember some things, and then, you get some information to give you a prediction of the future. Bring some help. So all I’ve got is, this Thomson and this teacher have a problem. You also want to know that kausins has been scrapped. It has been scrapped. I said it in the previous program. We all said that, right? Don’t say we didn’t.

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the trailblazer against the thunder team

We’re going to play game 6 when we reach 2-2. We hope we can play a little longer in this series. Well, he will tell you later.


It’s very different from other teams. You can see that they can play to the last minute. Other teams can play what they like in two quarters and three quarters. How can they play more than 130 kinds of games? There are more than 140 kinds of games that are not good-looking at all. I don’t think there are many good-looking teams sometimes. Ah, the trailblazer against the thunder team under our feet. Well, I’m stupid with my friends. I’ve got a senior NBA player with my friends. Right? The fans who support you have also discussed it. He gave me an opinion, gave me an opinion and said a word to me. It is still fresh in my memory that thunder still has a chance. This sentence is really meaningful. Thunder still has a chance. Er, the two have been pointing to the early stage. It may be that thunder is optimistic about it, and it has a slight advantage. Our evaluation of the pioneers is half and half, right? It mainly focuses on Wei Shao’s way. The second is that there are still opportunities, that is to say, it’s hard to say quickly. Now, it’s impossible to turn over the past

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James takes over the Laker executive!

Do a program to respond to some netizens’ questions. In fact, the question I asked was not very good. Well, I was also attached to the program, that is, the Laker team. Before pregnancy, the chief operating officer, magician Johnson and Peter palinka, who is the biggest? Ah, this question is not very bad, right? We are incidental and said, because we really don’t know, right? Some netizens said Magic Johnson, and some netizens said yes, sure. But I don’t think it’s necessary to discuss or go. Comment on controversy, right? Well, because this is not the point, this is not the focus. Then, the influence on the development of NBA is relatively small and small. Why do I say that? It is not good for us to ask questions, that is, who can play the concept of abstraction.


It should be said that whose authority is higher, whose influence is greater, whose affairs of water pipes are more, whose influence is greater? This is more appropriate. Is it right to compare? It is appropriate. According to this category, ha is more difficult to answer. Well, you may not know this regime very well, if you are a company or an enterprise. It’s a listed company or something. It’s hard to say. If you’re the residence of the enterprise, you’re the owner. You have equity. You’re the master. You’re the master. You’re appointed directly from the board of directors. We all know about the instructions. As for Magic Johnson and palinka. I don’t think it’s easy to say who is bigger and who is smaller. Right, let me take an example. Well, we say that so many countries in the world are listed companies. It’s not the same whether it’s good or not. British Prime Minister David Cameron is Teresa, right? According to this constitutional monarchy.

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What is the age of the ball?

You, in, talk about the library to create a small hill like, you do not understand what is called, the era of the ball, you do not know, right, what is the era of small ball, I want to ask you, right? I do not know ah, I do not know ah, I ask myself, I often ask myself, since the era of small ball has small, there is big. What is the era of the big ball? Who created the era of the big ball? Who started the era of the big ball? Who started the era of college? Did you hear about it? Didn’t you hear about it? In the Jordan era, we heard about the bull Dynasty, right? In the bull era, we heard of no player and no player could open the window.


An era, ah, who is the era? So tell me which player has created an era, it’s a bit big. It’s really a bit big. My personal understanding of Xiaoqiu era is that it’s a paradox or a Yang Mi. I feel it all how you say it. Ah, again, we can refute you with the examples and facts taken out by him. Let’s simply say, what is the thief’s small ball? Is he small? Is he playing fast? Or how to say it? In the era of small ball, everyone plays small. There is no center, right? OK, let’s talk about this problem. No center is small. Poof, I would like to ask what is the position of the Center No. 4, what is the position of the No. 5 position, what kind of player is in the position of the No. 5 position, how much is the height of the center, how much is the weight of the center, and how to quantify the number four and five position strictly.

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Rocket warriors join hands!

Be careful to delete the shaking hands and do it again. Well, tell us about the two games tomorrow. By the way, daily God will reply. Some netizens are starting to hack us again. We have given examples before, just like moles. The gorgeous book in the nine palace grid is going up again. You can’t take the wrong hammer. Hammer him. He’s not comfortable. He owes his beating. Netizens, you just buckle our shit pot. Put the shit pot on my head. Ah, we support the thunder team. There’s a problem in sweeping down the pioneers. Can’t I support the thunder team. Well, if we support the thunder team, will the thunder team be promoted? Besides, we have said that the ball of thunder and blazers is hard to say, the winning and losing are half, but I can use my position. Can I support the thunder team? Ah, what team do you want to support is your business, and we don’t say which ball you support.

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You are wrong. We talk about winning or losing, winning or supporting. We have been holding the 2002 World Cup. Are you supporting the Chinese national team, but can you win the world cup on behalf of the Chinese national team? These are two different things and two concepts. In order to talk about this concept together, this cognitive level, this understanding ability is really worrying ah, ah, second, I don’t know who is the big guy who teaches you to play the Spurs and play team basketball. You can find out for me the situation we have mentioned. We NBA cobbler will not open, more than 1500 issues you listen to slowly, right, when the Spurs want to play team basketball, you have heard our program, you left your message in the wrong place

Russell’s shooting rate

At the main moment, the tourists of Russell had a report to see Simmons on for the caravan. The shooting rate is only, 32% and 30% less than Russell. Anyway, it must be a drag rhythm. Ah, Russell’s shooting rate, ah, ah, is not high. It seems that there are only four layers and four layers, right? Simmons must be lower than Simmons. The others on the team are higher, right. To kill Russell alive, er, I think that Jimmy Butler needs to know how to sacrifice. Ah, in this system, the core of the defense of the outside line is Jimmy Butler. Don’t start Simmons. Simmons has done a lot of work just now.

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But we have to say, however, the Raptors are not idiots, and the Raptors are also. People in the society can clearly recognize, er, emperor, enbid, ah, what kind of player Peter is, and so on. These are all cards on the surface, right? Everyone knows it clearly. You have, two Wang, I have four, two right, you two, play guess I four two how to play, right, coax you are the Nb, small refueling ah, their own weight advantage, is the best defensive player, the best defensive player, ah, once one shock two shock. The ability of “one room, one certificate” must be enough. In terms of ability, it is not as good as before. However, there are still advantages of 3000 nails in this weight. The advantage of weight is on the other side. Simmons has to fight and enbid has to achieve it.

we met the Raptors

Now there are double cards, life, beautiful jade, and a large amount of Xi’an. Double card, beautiful, you see, played well, played in the playoffs is not as we expected, right? Well, as the same, Meng on this team, is also the same multi-point bloom, his players in all positions have a certain offensive ability, right, lorisi has the ability to organize the inside line outside of Gasol. In the case of tears, double organization, core, these two people play with each other. As we said in the previous program, you don’t know where his shooting point is. It’s very difficult to defend. The Raptors easily moved their score of 105, right? But the 76ers didn’t play their own. This kind of luxury attack is because we met the Raptors. In yesterday’s program, we said that the Raptors are in the East, the Bulls League, and their defense is first gear, or even super one. He is the defensive lineup of the championship and championship level. I don’t want to say more about it.


I don’t want to repeat more words. In the first round, the 76ers played, the nets scored 145 points. You see, now go to the Raptors, the Raptors, this set of defense is limited to below 100 points. Oh, sorry, raptors, it seems to play, 110108140, that’s the so-called one. The difference between the two teams is 13.4 points, 23.4 points. Er, this is not the reflection of the real level

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defend the Clippers

I think two of these deals are still more important. It’s Franco’s, but I can’t think of how to use it well. It’s very good to be in a healthy situation. In this way, it’s a problem whether we can play in the playoffs or not. This problem, d’antony, the coach, ah, is very stubborn, very old-fashioned, ah, he uses ten sets of resistance, that is, he is very happy to welcome to death. At most seven people are killed by eight people, and the ninth tenth person, ah, garbage time, or there is no way to defecate, and that’s true. The ninth and tenth people didn’t feel anything. Well, it was basically like this. So, um, both teams declined a little, but you have to know that the Warriors team has a good family background. You can see the last game of the Clippers.


In the sixth game, ah, you can see what his base card is. Ah, Livingston comes up and the group dies. If you start, you can do it for you. If you start, you can do it for you. You have no scruples. You don’t need to save your physical strength. Ah, Durant is so arrogant. The warriors are because of Durant. Europe, it’s like this. We call it the warriors. But anyone who takes out a real weapon to fight with you will feel that his team is terrible. He has a good contraction. There are alien defenses. I need to tell you what’s on the outside line and defend the Clippers. There are so many three-point shots, structural space and hits. I even think, ah, the warriors are just a little bit empty, and your investment manager will go and shoot

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76 people have the right strategy!

Raptors as like as two peas in the first half of the seven half, the seven and six men took 51 to 38 and 13 points. Do you think this match is the same as ours? Ah, it’s just the same. I’m sorry to interrupt. I’m 13 points ahead. Ah, as we said, it’s unnecessary for Liaona to think of a way to defend. Ah, even 15 points were taken in the half court. Let’s simply say 27.8 points and 30 points. I’m sorry, I was interrupted continuously. So, I said, Leonard. Now, the whole court is 20% off at 15 points, and it’s 27.8:30 points. Ah, there’s no big problem. It’s not that we say you don’t expect this room to be two o’clock. You can only limit it at most. Instead of focusing on defense, it’s better to take good care of other players and other players to get rid of large amount of food.


Others, 23 points, the whole team scored 23 points. Today, many people defend the Raptors, ah, it’s quite good. Whether it’s because the magic dragon can’t make a shot or because there’s no change in the defensive style of the 76ers, the game is 13:2 ahead of 13:43 seconds in the seven man team. We said in the morning program if two. With a lead of 0-0, the death penalty has basically been pronounced. We hope that the series will play six games, not seven games. If we play seven games, it’s hard to say that the victory or defeat will have a partner. It’s Hu Ge’s version. Our raptors, of course, don’t want the game to end quickly. It’s basically like this. Let’s take a look at the game in the second half.

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