Nobody can laugh!

The team that gives this kind of contract should be cautious, and if it is given this 25 million contract, it will prove that the team will not be able to do so in the next few years. It’s very difficult to form a big three to ensure that hofford’s playing time in the regular season can be guaranteed and the team’s performance can be improved to win the home advantage in the playoffs. With the increase of age, these possibilities are rapidly decreasing, so one in four years.


This contract is a bargaining contract. We have to know that in the East, under the current situation, front line maniacs gather to demand the ability of movement of the front line. So hofford obviously does not have such characteristics. As he grows older, this attribute will become smaller and smaller. So I, personally, think that there are only two ways in front of her, one way, three-year 50 million contract, all join, a team that can compete for the championship, whether it is the eastern championship or the Western champion, the possibility of staying in the East is a little more, then the second way is four years, 100 million or four years. In fact, the pattern of the eastern part of the league is very obvious. The teams who can play the playoffs can play the playoffs with a little effort. The teams who can’t play the playoffs or the teams who don’t want to play the playoffs are crazy and willing to eat hofford. A team with a contract of 100 million is quite few. The goal is not clear, the goal is not obvious, can play the playoffs, and is not willing to spend four years to cultivate young players, more affordable

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Durant and Owen, from the New York Knicks

Then the introduction of Durant and Owen’s eyes are also gradually away, such a situation, gave birth to what is now known as the nets may be half way out of the oblique stab. Look, Durant and Owen, from the New York Knicks, you dare not bet that my basketball team to read it, but we have to say, but now for the basketball team, his choice is also very, not clear, if it is able to win. In the case of Rand and Owen, I believe that he can take off Durant and Owen as long as he pays a new price, which is no problem. But whether the third largest third choice will sign a long-term contract with Russell, I feel very happy to tie Durant Owen and Russell together.


Risk, first, Durant’s injury, depression and worry. As I said in the previous program, it’s hard for me to believe that Durant can come back to life with full blood. I don’t believe that he can reach Seventy-eight percent. I believe that there will be a cliff like decline in his career. I personally think so. Of course, I will watch it next year. How much time can it take? The longer the recovery time, the more likely it will be for him to fall on a cliff. Before, I also said that the singing army may have to adjust five percentage points, and the average field will lose five points. The shooting rate will fall from three times five to three times five. All of the data, it’s dark. If you look through your resume, the first reaction is that Durant must have suffered a serious injury. Ah, there will be such an intuitive feeling. Then the second hidden worry is Russell’s problem. I don’t think Russell can help Owen. Durant into the finals, meet the champion Russell, this player still needs a long time to observe, after all, its starting point is too slow, although his starting point, the top three players in the top three look forward to a lot, but its forward speed is too slow.

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Long illness must be cured!

Hayward, a serious injury caused the team to lose, he failed some people, also by some people, you see now Owen, now he, Owen can say that he has no feelings for Celtic, this is the Celtic team, the blame is on themselves. This is due to the young players, playing, not cashing their wages, Owen has the ability and level, not giving him the absolute core of the team and the core position of the team’s privileged boss, ah, failed Owen and joined the Celtic team. In junior high school, Owen came to the Celtic team for what, ah, to lead the Celtic team to the finals and win the championship. Ah, he was recognized by the fans and friends and attached great importance to by you, Celtic team, but the Celtic team did not give him corresponding treatment. You have to, know, a team must have a team big brother, big brother must take the lead, big brother said no two candidates, there are so many people in this team, 7788, so many people, the whole team has about 30 or 40 people for operation, management and operation, so there is no one to talk about.


The team that can make decisions and speak is just a loose set of sand. If you say what you say, I say what I say, it is necessary for someone to be able to overcome all opinions and say the same thing. Only in this way can the public be convinced. Ah, you say what you say and I say what I say, but no one has been achieved. It can be predicted that no one can be like everyone, the heart is not to one place, the joint force is not the same, that is, the new running is working hard in one direction, and the strength of this team has no future. In the whole season, the two seasons are the same, and the problem of Tatum has been repeatedly tangled. Ah, it’s good to look at that. Fight. In the second year, it’s just like this. The accumulation of this data is in exchange for the right to take a shot. Gao de and the cultural hand right are in exchange. The hit rate is three points, the overall hit rate is straight line. You can adjust the percentage point downward. It doesn’t matter if you make less progress. Don’t drop down and average two. Points plus 20 plus we don’t talk about the percentage of hits. Below 20 points, we only look at the percentage of hits and the absolute percentage of hits. Obviously, Tatum is unqualified on this issue. As the core of the team, the society has concerns about the Celtic team and the society about Tatum’s future.

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Anthony Davis joined the Lakers

Unless you show all sorts of signs of events, from these things we can only see that Paul George is learning. After the clippers and Leonard in the Clippers home double giants Paul George is by food, ah, go home, ah, very happy, you have to listen clearly, he is going home, he is not going to some, we have been saying.


Well, this team has no stars to go, no stars want to go, and its disadvantage lies in its geographical location. If these reports are true, can I think Leonard also made a deal with the Lakers, James got Paul. Is it possible to form a big three with Paul, George, good, nad Antony Davis? You can also think that, ah, well, because Anthony Davis joined the Lakers, it’s already an established fact, and there’s no way to change it. So don’t believe these rumors. The rumor stops. Yu Zhiming wants to think, analyze and judge through his own brain. Let’s say, Liang and the Clippers. Then, Leonard, er, I personally think that these Laker fans, James fans, should not go too much, and attack him, including the Spurs fans now. Although the cool wind comments are very poor, it is attacked by many fans, including the original Spurs fans, but I want to say, talk about that, what he has done, what he has done now is driven by interests, and he has indeed achieved benefits after joining the Clippers.

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The two giants of the Lakers!

Let’s talk about the Laker team. The 7788 team has nearly made up 134 players, right? Let’s talk about the Laker team. I just want to say that I’ll mention one thing first. There are no eternal enemies, no forever partners, only permanent interests on the NBA court.

timg (8)

And, target, let’s remember this point. Look at the Lakers, the James fans, your former opponents, ah, your former opponents have now become your teammates, and there are so many. Look at all the former opponents around, and now they have become the current opponents, right. I’m right, ah, send three here, send three over, cooperate, you are so many, the champion of next year, ah, how do you feel about this, right, how do you feel, maybe in the future, hurry up, isolate, maybe in the future, delamund green will laugh. The Laker team, ah, cooperate with James and fight with you. Er, do you want the gangsters to be black? Ah, ah, no need to be black, right? There are only permanent interests and common goals. Ah, with this interest, the interests of reasonable distribution have a common. The common goal, then everyone to work hard, ah, now take a look at the team of the Los Angeles team, I think ah, ah, very good, to be honest, it’s not too big a problem. You see, the Lakers wait for a large number of decisions for these players, or the management wait for two times to make decisions, and other things.

I didn’t run. I didn’t run. I just waited for the result to come out

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Celtic 76 who rises first!

Most of the games are over, there are still a few games in progress, the kings and Suns, the Nuggets and the Blazers, and other games have been finished, have played. Well, to be brief. Well, actually, in the application program, I have said it before, and then for the actual situation, we are doing some discussion, analysis, summary and prediction. So to speak, jazz and magic, there is nothing to say, Timberwolves and the nets have nothing to say, like the Celtics and the 76ers. The two teams, 107 to 93 76ers, won a total victory. Well, as we have said in our previous excellent programs, the 76ers are the champion of the Eastern Conference. All the teams come here. You don’t realize that you can compete with the giants this season.


If the Celtics don’t make big moves before the trade deadline, we have to know, ah, Celtic team is now this team. Oh, a few days ago, I thought Brown signed the contract. Ah, it’s a good thing. It has signed 170 million million yuan for four years, and the annual salary is nearly 30 million yuan. More than 20 million yuan, 30 million annual salary, this player, ah, I always think that, um, the starting point is very high, right? I have high expectations for him, but he has never played his own accord with himself. This ranking is in line with his own ranking ability, um, nothing. Well, his career is a flat line. Now, seven has signed a big contract. I hope to have a good foundation for his future life, or NBA career. Let’s have a look. I always think that this year, after Walker came and Kanter came, it was no different from our judgment.

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The eighth place in the west is the warriors.

For 48 minutes, we have to focus on the running position of curry and Thomson, right? Er, we can say that curry’s deterrence and threat are greatly reduced compared with the previous ones. Er, so to speak, what do you think the warriors fans have now. Well, for players like curry, you know, before that, some people have heard that, ah, the three greatest stars of the 21st century, ah, the three stars are curry Durant and James. The three stars, I said, are the 21 three stars.


If the list is expanded to ten people, I think it’s ridiculous for curry to squeeze into the top three. Of course, we have to say that the warriors have a team with championship details. It’s a team. It’s not a very good team. As long as Thompson greencurry has these three men in him, he is one of the most threatening teams in the West. This team can’t relax. Now, the only goal is to control the record, which can reach more than 50% or nearly 50% before Thomson comes back. The eighth place in the west is the warriors. I believe that if the warriors have a poor performance in the middle of the season, they should come back from the fire and won’t repair the whole season like Cole, regardless of the other player Russell, who needs a lot. There is time for curry. Now without Thomson’s cooperation, it also needs a lot of time to hold the ball. So these two players are actually mutually restricted. It depends on who is efficient, who is efficient, who is playing high, and whether Russell can cooperate. Curry, like Thomson, becomes a character like Tom sue to cooperate and encourage me. I feel that it is impossible

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The bucks are gaining power! Spurs trip!

Let’s talk about today’s several games. Some games are in progress. In fact, it’s not very important. We also made a program yesterday, but it was deleted by mistake, so a lot of matches were missed. Speaking of today’s game, ah, the bucks are now in the process of playing, ah, a big victory over the magic team, won more than 30 points, you can see, oh, the strength of the bucks is very strong ah, it can be said that the eastern part of these three teams, other teams are to see, um, water bottle is. Almost as we have said in the program before, er, er, is whether the magic team can play the playoffs today. I closed my eyes and said that it depends on the wishes of other teams. As long as you try hard, every team can play the playoffs. Er, before that, ah, there are some tennis friends in this summer.

timg (16)

Fan weiqi, ah, it’s impossible to go through the exchange. Yes, I’m right. Because the magic team can take a look at 5000 Weiqi. Well, other players are like this. Then we discussed this issue with the majority of netizens at that time. Ha, my personal opinion is like this. Well, it’s not suitable for championship teams. It’s not suitable for any team. If chaotai recruits him for support, it’s a mistake in itself, or a way of self destruction. Why should we do this. Because it has a feature, I’m sorry to interrupt. This player has a feature. Its characteristic is that the offensive ability is not bad, and the defensive ability is not bad. The biggest drawback is that it has no dominance in those.

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the Clippers play bucks

There are accidents in the championship, right? They all go to the annual injury problems. These champions, ah, are not necessarily whether there is a problem with the champion in the current season, if there is no Durant’s injury. Is it a problem that the yellow team won the championship? Ah, so contingency should be viewed separately. It should be dialectical. To see the contingency, it also represents the champion. The iPhone app is very precious. The Olympic Games are held every four years, and the world cup is held every four years. Many athletes and national teams take away.

timg (3)

In the past four years, you have reached the peak of his career. You say, justice is unfair, ah, you say it is unreasonable. So, it examines an athlete and a country, and its overall strength is that it can stand the test at any time. Well, it is so simple. OK, let’s turn it over in this program. Today’s two games, one game, is the Clippers against the bucks. The team may have to take turns. Then fans and friends can’t feast their eyes. Ah, it should be said that the Clippers play bucks, which is a more wonderful game. Now, ah, we can’t see the Clippers as a whole until Paul George comes back. Well, I don’t know if I don’t fight bucks or 76 people. I don’t know. Anyway, I’ll pick up the opponent. The protection of Mr. Liang is very good, and the net is meticulous. But I think, ah, well, if Leonard can play more games, the fast fleet can still hold on. Before the west, 4123 is the position. So it’s OK to fight for the position of MVP this year. Now, there are many fans and friends who have produced a lot of ideas and discussions. Because, indeed, so far, players from all sides have opportunities.

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you can follow the warriors’ line-up

If there is no accident, I will be the champion, right? In the 1718 season, 18193718, ah, 1718161718’s 1819 talent, and when we opened at that time, we said that the warriors are the super first-class strong teams, and their nature is the championship, right? But without any accident, Durant’s injury is an accident. It has nothing to do with our program. OK, so for a team like him, it doesn’t mean that she is not good, she is very good, but he made a wrong demonstration in the league, that is, playing death five can win the championship, playing death five can beat James, this is a wrong demonstration, we have always said that because.

timg (3)

To study, death, five primary schools have died. Five primary schools must be a topic to be deeply studied in the future, or it can be studied now, right? It is a topic. Then this set of lineup is a set of lineup that has been summed up by a lot of conditions and factors. It’s not that you can follow the warriors’ line-up. Pick a few here and pick a few over there, and you’ll become a little warrior. You can’t pick out the second one. You can’t pick the third one. You can’t pick out the second Thomson. Second, green, curry, Thompson, green and his three people are the core of the warriors. With them, we can fight and die. Without them, we can’t do anything. Especially curry and Thompson are the first and second super players in the league. Set up the first super shooter, you have this set of lineups, you can only you have these two people, you can’t play the death five small, right? You don’t have this person two people, you can’t play the death five small teams, to imitate the warriors, mainly to defend the warriors, because after his lineup changes, I have to testify accordingly.

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