All-Star game

Tomorrow the day after tomorrow, the all star weekend will start. If you don’t have a chance, you can have a look at every year’s all stars. They are the most eye-catching players in the heart, the best players in the league. The best players are here. Most of them are here. Fortunately, most of them have been on the bench, on the hospital bed and at home. Most of them have been presented. Can we have some hot topics on the all star weekend.

The other is the contradiction between Jamestown and Kun, which is the third year after the reform. I remember, it’s still a very good feeling. Now, there are All-Star live shows. James curry didn’t live the first year of the draft, and I don’t know the ranking. This year, it’s complete. I can see who is James who gets the second vote. The fans can see who the third vote is and how the fourth vote is given to everyone. Generally speaking, they still choose their own people. Generally speaking, the first five tigers almost choose their own people, reaching a relatively tacit understanding. Then I believe that the most concerned thing is actually the last All-Star game. James, the team can win or the Kumbo team can win. Which team can win? Which team can win? Which team can get the MVP. Now, there is no batch of opinion polls show that, so, a quinbo is far ahead, followed by James, I once, hold it down, Kumbo James.

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Anyway, Davis, ah, the last few will not be listed one by one, with regard to hardenway, Shao, Walker, many, many, many, many of which are particularly itchy. Ah, they all say which player can get the MVP. Let me talk about my personal opinion. Deputy director, I have two teams. I have two players who can get a letter and Kun Bo. Another brush is waiting to ask for help. How can he get hurt? Because the letter is over Kun Bo, whether he is old or strong or not. Here have been able to win the cup, can win the championship finals MVP.

Spain and football

The game is not artistic at all. Hollandtimg (4) blocked Spain with tough and foul, while de Jong did not get a red card when he kicked Alonso in the chest. However, Robben’s two single shot goals were saved by Casillas. Finally, the two teams entered the overtime game with zero-to-zero score and Iniesta finished in 116 minutes. The Spanish team won the championship, not only achieved the new height of Spain and football, but also a major event of world football. Since 1998, there has been no new overlord in the world football world for 12 years. The only team that won the World Cup before was Brazil, who won Italy five times and Germany four times.


Argentina won twice, Uruguay won twice, England and France won once respectively. Now Spain has become the eighth team in history to win the world cup. Predicting games is an indispensable topic in the world cup, but most people predict the result. It’s often very outrageous, like Pele, ah, it’s such a typical example. However, in the world cup in South Africa, there was a prediction emperor who kept a 100% accuracy rate, that is, Paul the octopus was predicting all the seven matches of the German team, the match and supporting Paul the octopus. It’s amazing. The prediction emperor, ah, and the high accuracy of Paul the octopus also triggered.

MLB season’s return is yet to be decided. Poorhouse donated 200000 yuan to Dominica baseball Institute

In the past month, Los Angeles angel has been one of the most fierce teams in MLB to reduce budget cost. Not only many scouts have been laid off, but also the operating costs of teams and organizations at home and abroad have been cut. The negotiation between MLB and the players’ Union has not been concluded yet. We have every reason to understand angel’s series of cost cutting actions. But angel has a player who has come forward to share your worries. He is “bio human” poorhouse.


The novel coronavirus pneumonia was interviewed by the Losangeles times. The first baseman of the angels has decided to contribute to the staff of Dominica Baseball Academy affected by the new crown pneumonia. Most baseball schools are on vacation after the outbreak of the epidemic, and the wages are also very poor or stop. About 90% of Los Angeles angel’s College employees in boccachika are affected by layoffs, and poorhouse’s donation is about five months’ salary for these employees.

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominica, poorhouse immigrated to the United States with his parents when he was a child. He has always been committed to charity activities in his hometown. With a low-key, steady and approachable character, plus 10 all stars and 6 silver bars, poorhouse is a real Dominican baseball hero. After landing MLB, many Latino youngsters want to talk about their life with the legend before the game and take a group photo. After retiring, poorhouse will enter the hall of fame without any suspense.

Ram attack Coach: quarterback Goff needs more attack dominance

Quarterback Jared Goff’s performance last season was disappointing.

In the offseason this year, the Los Angeles Rams changed their blood on the attack team, and the team ushered in the new attack coordinator Kevin O’Connell. He hopes Goff can continue to improve.

“In the fifth year of his career, in the fourth year of this offensive system, he has to have a sense of leading the attack. You strongly believe that you need to give him a plan so that he can really have some leadership, and understand that in the end, the most important thing is to pay excellent attention to the details of the work,” O’Connell said.


Last season, Gough didn’t play well because of the poor attacking front and the poor performance of running guard Todd Gurley. Of course, there are some problems of Gough himself. He sometimes hesitated too much in the quarterback protection network and made a lot of bad decisions when passing the ball, resulting in 16 times of passing being intercepted, which is the most in his career.

Ram gave Goff a huge contract extension before last season, giving him about $30 million a year in salary space for the next five years. That means the rams have to let Goff lead the team in the next few seasons.

In one of the toughest areas of the league, the ram needs Goff not only to dominate the offensive team, but also to give a good play.

Rookie running guard Jonathan Taylor: don’t care how many appearances you have

The Indianapolis colt has combined running guard Marlon Mack and this year’s second round show Jonathan Taylor as “two punches”, but the two will not be split in the new season.

In addition, nyheim Hines will also share the playing time, and the pony may adjust the time distribution according to the player’s performance after training. However, Taylor recently said in an interview that he accepts any arrangements for his appearance time.




Taylor has made 926 strokes in his three seasons at the University of Wisconsin, but in this system, he never made more than 55% of the team in a single season. It gives him a lot of experience in sharing his time.

“You don’t count the chances; you take the chances,” Taylor said. “Whenever you get a chance to play, you have to be powerful – make sure you play 100 per cent. Think about it. You’re a professional now. When people work – I know my mother wants to do everything right as perfectly as possible. I’m using the same attitude now. Whenever I get a chance to play, I’ll make sure that I always play, because now it’s my job. ”

Maybe the Colts don’t rush as often as they do at the University of Wisconsin, but if the combination of Taylor and Mike can do well, they will try their best to make the attack powerful.

Left interceptor Trent Williams signed 49 people through physical examination

Trent Williams got a new contract in San Francisco, almost a new one.

Two months after being traded to San Francisco by Washington Redskins, the veteran left Jiefeng signed a restructured contract with his new team on Friday. The contract gives Williams half his salary in advance of the new season and the salary is guaranteed.

Williams is about to enter the final year of his contract, earning $12.5 million.

In addition to signing a new contract, Williams passed a medical this week.


On the last day of the draft, 49 people sent out the fifth round draft right of this year and the third round draft right of next year to get Williams, who will replace retired veteran Joe Staley.

Williams missed the whole 2019 season due to a rift with Redskins. The last time he competed was on December 30, 2018. When he returns to the pitch, he will protect the blind side of the 49 man attack. The rebuilding of Williams’ contract ensures that he will not quit training, but there is no guarantee that the 49 will be able to retain him next year.

Williams’s performance in the new season will determine whether he will be long-term, and what price contract to play for 49 people.

MLB is reluctant to accept an additional 330 million losses

There could have been a simple solution to the problem of MLB rematch, and the league and players were close to making the rematch a reality. Now, however, the negotiation process has been dragged into the mire of arrogance, greed and obstinacy. The answer is obvious too – the nature of the impasse and the divide is a fight over hundreds of millions of dollars.

This is only a small part of the big baseball economy, MLB’s annual revenue is generally up to ten billion dollars. Although hundreds of millions of dollars cannot be ignored, it is not worth letting an industry fall into a comprehensive labor war. The following numerical calculation shows the possibility and necessity of reaching an agreement.

How much can the alliance accept

First, there are two real preconditions:

1. The league is willing to pay players in proportion to the number of games in 48 seasons.

2. The players’ Association is willing to play 82 games on the premise of paying a proportionate wage.

Although the two sides agreed in March to pay a pro rata wage, the League believes the terms of the agreement allow adjustments if the game is to be played empty.

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Three important points illustrate the possibility of agreement between the two sides:

1. If the team pays the players proportionally, each game will cost about US $1.675 million. The players’ Association and the League agree with this number.

2. The League said in its financial report to the players’ Association that each game will bring us $980000 in local broadcast revenue. That’s $2.38 billion in 162 games, or about $700 million in 48 regular season games and $1.2 billion in 82 regular season games. Although the players’ Association has raised many objections, it is generally believed that the annual local broadcasting revenue is actually around 2.4 billion US dollars.

How to test the pressure when the hot stamping is not firm?

The heat transfer equipment is a very important tool in the process of heat transfer printing, which is directly related to the ability of ironing materials. So the young people in this field should learn to calculate the pressure of the heat transfer equipment. If the heat transfer is not stable, they need to test the pressure themselves.

Normally, we take 0.2kg/cm2 as the standard, but in the specific operation, we should know how to make corresponding adjustment according to the combination of the temperature resistance of the substrate and transfer film. Different companies’ ironing machines have different pressure transfer mode, heating device, ironing pad thickness and material selection, which must be carried out after the test.


Warm tip: when setting the pressure of the steam type ironing machine, it must be carried out flexibly according to the stability of the air pressure, the size of the cylinder and the state of water accumulation in the air compressor. The preciseness point even needs to use the pressure tester to carry on the measurement.

Here is a pressure calculation formula for reference: hydraulic type: pressure / area assumption: pressure is 2 tons, ironing machine area is 60x80cm; = 2000 / 4800 ???0.417kg/cm2; pneumatic type: (π) 3.14 * (square of cylinder radius) * pressure / area assumption: 10cm between cylinders, ironing machine area is 40x40cm, pressure is 4kg; = 3.14 * 5 * 5 * 4 / 1600 = 0.19625kg/cm2;

The world’s first new inactivated coronavirus vaccine all subjects produce antibodies!

On June 16, the blind state review and phase Unblinding meeting of phase I / II clinical trial of new coronavirus inactivated vaccine developed by Wuhan Institute of biological products of Sinopharm Group Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing and Henan simultaneously. Experts from the vaccine class of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council and the biotechnology development center of the Ministry of science and technology attended.


The results of Unblinding showed that:

Good safety after vaccination

No serious adverse reactions

After inoculation with different procedures and doses

High titer antibody was produced in vaccinated group

28 day program after two doses

The positive conversion rate of neutralizing antibody is 100%

The clinical trial of the new crown inactivated vaccine of Wuhan Institute of biological products is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase I / II clinical study. On April 12, the new crown inactivated vaccine was the first in the world to obtain the approval of clinical trials, and phase I / II clinical trials were launched simultaneously in Wuzhi County, Henan Province.

Under the leadership of Henan Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention, the clinical trial site overcame the difficulties brought by the epidemic situation, fought for 66 consecutive days, and obtained the safety and effectiveness data of the new crown inactivated vaccine after two injections for the first time in the world. The research results of different ages, different procedures, different doses and different injections are relatively complete. This is also the longest, the most comprehensive data and the most ideal clinical research results of the new crown vaccine so far, which provides scientific and evaluable data for epidemic prevention and emergency use in China.

A false alarm! Shougang can still replace foreign aid before the resumption

CBA restart countdown to the last three days, the teams are also preparing for the final sprint stage. Yesterday, CBA officially announced the application list of all teams. It was quite surprising that Beijing Men’s basketball team did not register for foreign aid Youdu. Lin Shuhao was the only foreign aid in the list. This operation also made many fans unable to understand. Some fans even speculated that Beijing Men’s basketball team had forgotten to replace Hamilton with Youdu, which led to the situation that Youdu could not register In fact, this is not the case. Jia Lei, a basketball reporter, said after consulting the relevant person in charge that Beijing Men’s basketball team could still submit an application for replacing foreign aid before the resumption of the match, and use Lin Shuhao and you du to form the strongest double foreign aid combination.


Beijing Men’s basketball team is one of the few teams with two foreign players in the league. Before the implementation of the new entry policy, Lin Shuhao and Youdu returned to China. They have been practicing with the team and are in good condition. Because of this, the Beijing Men’s basketball team is also generally optimistic. After all, in addition to Beijing, only the two teams of Beikong and Tongxi have double foreign aid. The Beijing Men’s basketball team is also considered to be a candidate for the championship.

Shougang’s entire team arrived in Qingdao on the 15th, with two foreign aid players. However, the official CBA list yesterday made Beijing fans sweat. At that time, it was speculated that Beijing Men’s basketball team might have forgotten to replace Hamilton with Youdu before the game, which led to the inability to sign up for Youdu. It was also rumored that once the list was submitted, it could not be changed, that is to say, the season of Youdu was over.