An unknown number of MLB players have been introduced into the crypto Ponzi scheme

Two men have been accused of a Ponzi scheme involving encrypted trading that lures investors, including professional baseball players, to boast about their luxurious lifestyu=1472035499,3387689708&fm=26&gp=0le on social media.

On January 30, the secret service arrested John Michael Caruso, 28, the founder of zima digital assets in Arizona, and Zachary Salter, 27.

Caruso, often referred to as “Krypto king” in social media posts, says he has been an investor in cryptocurrencies since 2012. He has a criminal record and was last released at the end of 2017.

Salter is an aspiring R & B singer who publishes music in the name of sweet talker.


Despite claims of no taxable income, the couple’s large number of social media posts on luxury goods purchases attracted new investors.

They are accused of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering.

Unnamed major league baseball players fall into plan

Since June 2018, Salter and Caruso have defrauded more than 90 investors of at least $7.5 million, according to the complaint. The figure includes an unknown number of former professional baseball players and the elderly. Zima is still actively investing, so the total loss is unknown.

How to make the basic teaching of oil painting become more basic

What is the basis of oil painting? A lot of people think of sketch basics. Of course, there is no mistake. As a discipline, sketch has been playing an important timg

role in the basic training of various specialties for many years. In the training based on sketch, body structure, proportion, perspective and space are the focus of our performance. How to master the accurate modeling ability is almost the whole content of the basic training. Of course, these problems are very important, but the ability to grasp these visual images accurately is the basic requirement that can be achieved through strict training. However, the overall development of students’ independent observation, judgment ability, self-awareness and creativity has not been paid reasonable attention in our basic training. As a system, sketch itself is rich rather than simple. It is not a simple description skill. The result of valuing technology rather than energy will make students’ creative ability degenerate. Over time, students will form a kind of inertia without self-knowledge.


The author has been engaged in teaching for many years in the school, and has seen many artful paintings. Some students may not understand the true meaning of the foundation even after graduation. Such students can’t draw a good work even if they work hard, let alone create a good oil painting, because their understanding of the foundation and basic skills is limited to this. What is the foundation? Only by clarifying the real meaning of the foundation can we make the basic teaching on the right track. Many people think that sketch is the basis of all forms of art, and all forms of art should start from the standard sketch training.

The peerless beauty in Western oil painting

The color feeling displayed by the painter on the screen is to make it become an artistic language with personality, instead of the true color of completely reproducing the natural image, which is used to express the emotion of the subject, to make the oil painting have a specific spiritual connotation and obtain a stronger visual performance effect.


The symbolic characteristics of modern western oil painting color has a very rich content, which has become one of the main means for artists to use the color language. Modern western oil painting uses the symbolic color to express some intention, determine the color relationship in the picture, so as to strengthen the theme of oil painting.

When the color in oil painting attracts people with its unique natural attributes, it will affect people’s mood. The great poet Goethe divides color into positive color and negative color. He believes that active color can produce a “positive, vigorous and enterprising attitude”; passive color is “suitable for expressing the uneasy, gentle and yearning emotions”.

Playoff seats in a mess? Just read this one!


The playoff format of the League of nations is much more complicated than that of the United States. Now only four teams have determined their positions in the playoffs of this season: Dallas Cowboys, the league’s East Division champion and League of nations playoff home advantage; Atlanta Falcons, the league’s South Division champion; Seattle Seahawks, the western division champion of the League of nations, and the New York Giants have locked in a foreign card. Because the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions in the same north area of the League of nations scored 9-6 after the 16 rounds of regular season, and in this round, the two teams will meet directly to fight fiercely for the championship title of the north area of the League of nations and a playoff ticket brought by this title (this game can be said to be the highlight of this round of playoffs! And the game is also “very humanized” arranged in Beijing time Monday morning 9:30, football fans must not miss. At the same time, another foreign card seat of the League of nations will also have certain variables because of the result of this game. Next, we will analyze the situation of each team specifically:

Atlanta Falcon (10-5) will host the New Orleans Saints (7-8) at home. The only variable for the Falcon, who has secured the league’s Southern Division title, in this round of regular season is whether it can get the second place in the league and lose the first round of the league’s playoffs. If the Falcon wants to get the opportunity of the wheel, it needs to meet one of the following four conditions:

Falcon wins


Falcon level + Seahawk lose or level


Seahawk defeat + lion defeat or draw