Prepress technology of heat transfer printing

1 technology before hot transfer printing

As the beginning of the whole printing process, pre heat transfer has always been the field with the fastest technology upgrading and the highest degree of digitalization in the printing process. Green, digitalization and diversification have become the new development direction in the field of pre press under the new situation. Before heat transfer printing, it is in the center of data control, which is the highest level of digitalization and automation in all printing processes. Among them, digital workflow and color management system are the two most widely used digital technologies in the field of prepress.


2. Green CTP version becomes the mainstream

Green plate is one of the main trends of prepress raw material development in recent years. At present, prepress CTP technology has completely replaced the traditional CTF technology, and the use of film is less and less.

In addition to a small number of publishing houses still use the way of film output for the purpose of copyright protection, and some packaging and printing factories use film plate making due to the single product and less demand for output plate, most printing enterprises have introduced CTP plate making system.

In recent years, the government’s environmental protection requirements for printing enterprises have been continuously improved, and a series of policy measures have been introduced, such as the certification system for green printing enterprises, printing VOCs emission standards, etc.

What’s unknown about the NBA?

Hayes participated in the softball compassion star game arranged by McGrady in 2006. During the match, when he went to drink water, Hayes was shocked because of the leakage of the water dispenser. It was hard to speak or even breathe. After Hayes mentioned the electric shock, he felt serious.


SWIFF had a special day of rest at home. A fly flew to his eyes. He rubbed his eyes with his big fingers and got conjunctivitis. He was forced to miss nine competitions. It is said that the probability of conjunctivitis is one in a million.

In 2001, Iverson led 76 people to the finals. After a beautiful attack by teammate Geiger, he ran to celebrate. Unexpectedly, the abnormally excited Geiger slapped Xiaoai on the buttocks. This hit the weak keel, which led to the deterioration of Xiaoai’s injury.

In the 1994-1995 season, Barkley was absent from the 10 matches of the sun because he went to see Eric Clapton’s concert. Because of the excessive lights, he could not help but rubbed his eyes with his hands and burned his cornea by the hand lotion that he had just put on.

People pushing NHL into China

Mr. Zhou Yunjie is a very successful entrepreneur.

He is a billionaire in China. As the founder of a leading Chinese metal packaging company, he owns a winery in France and has a good talk with the gold medal winner of Hungary fencing. When talking about how many factories there are in the world, he said that now there are not 27, but 29.

But when it comes to ice hockey, Justin Bieber, who has played with him, has no airs: “when it comes to ice hockey, we have to admit that NHL is our teacher. Now we need to hire a good teacher to promote the rapid development of China’s ice hockey industry. ”


NHL League is preparing to enter China historically, which is far behind other professional sports league. On Thursday, NHL president Gary Bettman will officially announce in Beijing that there will be two NHL preseasons in China this year. NHL is also planning to invest in youth training, hoping to help build the Chinese Hockey League. Other organizations are also active in the world’s most populous country, including the Canadian Hockey League.

But entering China, which seems to be a sudden move, has actually experienced several years of brewing. To some extent, thanks to Mr. Zhou, who started playing as a goalkeeper in Beijing hockey team when he was only 11 years old in 1970. Now, he will sign a three-year contract with NHL League and become the founding partner of the league in China.

Verne who refuses to advertise

Verne’s “80 days around the world” was serially published in the Paris times, causing a sensation. This attracted the attention of the shipping companies. If Verne could arrange for Fugue to return to the UK on their company’s ship, it would undoubtedly be the best advertisement.

The next day, the steamship company sent a representative to find Verne, but when he explained his intention, he was refused by Verne. The shipping company didn’t give up and began to inquire about Verne’s preferences, hoping to find a breakthrough to impress Verne. Finally, they learned that although Verne was a best-selling author, he could only earn about $5000 a year in copyright income due to an extremely unfair writing agreement signed in his early years. The steamship company decided to give Verne a large sum of money. He would certainly agree on it.


The next day, the representative of the steamship company confidently found Verne and explained the reason. However, Verne refused: “I’m sorry, although my novel didn’t get a more fair income, but I have to insist on building and forming my own style more than money. If I grant your request, I will have to rewrite the ending of the novel. In this way, the style and overall structure of the novel will be changed. The novel will not only lose its charm, but also disappoint my readers. It’s a million times more precious than money for me to get a fair evaluation from my readers.

The battle of Aesop in Alexandria

It’s in the old painting gallery in Munich, Germany

The battle of Aesop in Alexandria overlooks the whole Alps with a very broad vision, as well as the grand war scene here. The atmosphere of the war was submerged in the magnificence of the mountains, the profoundness of the terrain and the magnificence of the sky.

In 1528, at the invitation of Guillaume, the Great Duke of Bavaria, altdorfield refused the post of mayor of reagansburg and devoted himself to the creation of the battle of Aesop in Alexandria. This is a masterpiece of the painter’s life. It shows the artist’s amazing talent in the most comprehensive way. The landscape is no longer regarded as a natural space for people to appear in their paintings, but as a representation of the state of soul. Its landscape has already had the color of romanticism.

In addition to Alexander the great sitting on the left side of the painting with his chariot, and the huge inlay of “Alexander just defeated Darius” written on the top of his head reflecting the theme, most of the other soldiers’ images are like weak silhouettes, and the formation of the March implies the ups and downs of the terrain, which makes us vaguely feel that it is not the war itself that dominates the picture, but the sky, the earth and the The ocean.


Albrecht Altdorfer (1482 / 1485-1538) is the real representative of Danube school, and has always determined the direction of the school.

One of the major styles of the Danube school is the unique description of scenery and plants. The birthplace of altdorfield is unknown and was born in 1482 or 1485. His early works are full of expressiveness, and the lush forest with branches is ready to swallow the weak human shape. His figures, buildings and cliffs are all used to set off plants. He shows the characters, terrain and plants very carefully, and skillfully uses parallel stripes to unify the picture.

How to evaluate Jason Kidd

If you were given a chance to play field and choose an NBA player as your teammate, who would you choose? James, curry or someone else?

For someone like me who is eager for carrv, if I go to play field, Kidd is definitely my first choice

Friends, good sense, good passing, defensive effort, the most important is one – very low desire to attack.

How low is it? Master Kidd has a awesome nickname, “no attack”, which has been in the public eye from the beginning until NBA career knot.

Bundle, by his hand hit countless pieces of fine iron, can be called the mining model.

As a player, Kidd’s individual offensive ability is poor, no matter in the middle distance, three points or free throws, as long as there is


He can’t hold it.

In 2001-02, Kidd’s first year at the nets, he gave 5.9% of his 17-for-1 shooting against the Mavericks

The Epic Iron fighting performance of the team has made the arena into an ironworks.

To put it another way, Kobe Bryant is the player who has played this kind of performance after Kidd, with 16-2 and 13-1 performances

Yes. But Kobe and Kidd are different, Kobe’s desire to attack is still very strong.

You see Kobe Bryant scoring 60 points in his retirement, unprecedented. Kidd is also unprecedented. At the end of his career, he played + games, with an average of 20 minutes,

A total of 17 shots 0, the field average… Who else?

1209 Olympic hockey winter camp is coming again

Although it is more than a year since the success of the Winter Olympics

The enthusiasm of the media and public opinion is gradually cooling down

But the undeniable fact is

The momentum of ice and snow sports to speed up the warming up by taking advantage of the opportunity of Winter Olympics is irresistible

As one of the hosts, Beijing takes the lead

It was officially issued by the municipal government in March 2016

Opinions on accelerating the development of ice and snow sports (2016-2022)


And seven supporting plans (1 + 7 documents for short)

It is clearly stated in the document that by 2022,

Beijing’s ice and snow sports should achieve the goal of 1248,

“1” refers to “a ice hockey business card”

Why “ice hockey business card” is displayed

It’s not only because hockey has a certain historical tradition in Beijing

It’s also because of the current ice hockey game in Beijing

Has become the most solid foundation

The most vigorous winter sports

How to evaluate the performance of Aaron judge, a Yankee outfield player in MLB 2017?


Bryce Harper (9.5), trout (8.9), Josh Donaldson (8.8) 16 year trout (9.2), War – wins above for fangraphs version Replacement???-Given that its defensive (plus position adjustment) is below the league average, judge’s success in building an 8 + FWAR season with a strike is also shocking.

Undoubtedly, just looking at the primary data (accounting data), such as 52 hits and 114 hits, it is easy for the mainstream audience to feel the firepower of judge in attack. In terms of high-level data, judge’s performance is also brilliant.

In the 21st century, WLC + * rookie season ranking (at least 500 players, 150 cut-off lines) judge 173trout 167jose Abreu 167 Pujols 159 in the past ten years, there are 8 wild players (11 times) who have surpassed judge in the single season of WLC + *. **At least 500 * WRC – weighted runs created to summarize a player’s run output for the team’s line play. *The purpose of WRC + – weighted runs created plus is to compare the positive and negative difference between a player’s WRC and the league average. When the league average is set to 100, the WRC + of judge 173 shows that when the number of players is the same, the score created by it is 73% higher than the league average. In addition, the data adjusted the factors of the difference of stadium size.

What do you know about heat transfer materials?

What do you know about heat transfer materials?

1???What is heat transfer?

Generally speaking, heat transfer printing is a kind of transfer technology and product, which uses heat transfer equipment to print the patterns and images on the heat transfer paper on different materials.

2???What materials does heat transfer apply to?

Heat transfer printing technology is widely used in textile, daily necessities, cosmetics, stationery, toys, gifts and other industries, as well as packaging printing and decoration.


3???What are the heat transfer printing methods?

One is sublimation transfer: Sublimation refers to the transfer of the pattern on the printing paper to the required medium after the screen or intaglio printing of the color paste produced by the thermally raised disperse dye is used as the printing paper;

One is thermosetting transfer printing method: the thermosetting transfer printing method refers to the transfer of the patterns on the printing paper to cultural shirts, clothing and other products after screen printing with thermosetting ink (also known as thermosetting adhesive) into printing paper;

4???What is the difference between sublimation heat transfer and thermosetting heat transfer?

The sublimation transfer is mainly used in chemical fiber cloth and hard material coated with heat transfer coating, and the heat transfer is mainly used in pure cotton products.

The difference in texture: the heat sublimation pattern does not change the original texture of the material after transfer, with good hand feel and appearance. After the transfer of the thermosetting pattern, a layer of glue is formed on the surface of the adherent, which has poor hand feel and is airtight. The two printing methods have their own advantages and disadvantages in production.

Why do pitchers change every line of play, and people in other positions don’t?

In this paper, the main questions are answered one by one, hoping to be helpful. Scope is limited to MLB, and daily jobs are not discussed. 1: Why do the main pitchers in the starting line-up only rotate once in several games? And other positions are basically not changed? The scope of work for starters and other starters is different. Pitchers are mainly responsible for pitching, while players in other positions are mainly responsible for batting and fielding. (Note 1) Note 1: in MLB, although the pitcher will also do the hit (the first pitcher of the League of Nations needs to hit) and the guard (the guard is an important responsibility of the pitcher!) , players from other positions will also be guest pitching (extreme events), but these accounts for a small proportion of their work. So, this needs to be split into two questions to answer. 1A: why do starting pitchers need several rounds? The reason is very simple. The pitcher is very tired to throw a start. After a round, an instant ice pack is needed, like this:


The workload of a starter game is very heavy. In addition to the warm-up before the game and the warm-up before each half game, MLB starters mainly throw about 100 pitches a game. The pitchers who have just come to the farm, young or just recovered from injury, are generally limited to 80-90 pitches, and those who are more resistant to exercise can throw more than 120 pitches. For example, Matsuzaka used to throw 250 goals in a game in Jiaziyuan, which is impossible in today’s major league. MLB has 162 regular games a season, which is very long. If a starter can be healthy and efficient in a season, he will have 32-33 board games in a season. The current mainstream of MLB is pitching rotation. The rotation of five players also shows that the current consensus of major league teams is that for a healthy and efficient season, a starter needs at least four days to recover blood after one game