NFL American football position introduction running guard

With a large number of runs, what you see is their roaring back. In a flash, what they pass through the crowd is their unstoppable pace. With the strength and speed, they destroy the psychological defense line of the defense team. They are the main implementers and practitioners of a team’s ground attack – running guards.

NFL running guard:

Running guards are usually in the backcourt of the attack group and are the main strikers of the team’s attack group. At the same time, they can also be used to complete some short yard catches or provide extra cover for the quarterback’s passing.


1. Skill needs:



Direction changing ability

Open vision

Certain catching ability

Shielding ability

2???The concept of halfback and tailback:

Here I want to explain the concept of running guard first. In the standard I-shaped formation, from center to the end of I-shaped formation are center, quarterback, halfback and full back respectively. But with the evolution of the game, our halfback slowly moved to the back and became the most important punching player, which is also the origin of the concept of Tail Guard. It’s OK to understand the concept of Tail Guard It’s a term mentioned by people), while full back is raised to the position of half back, which becomes a pure Pathfinder, so running back in a broad sense includes full back and half back, while running back in a narrow sense refers to half back.

The significance of print teaching in art education of primary and secondary schools

Engraving is a picture printed after engraving or etching on wood, stone, hemp glue, copper, zinc and other plates with knife or chemical tools. From the perspective of the materials used, engraving can be divided into woodblock, lithograph, copper engraving, porcelain engraving, cardboard paintingu=2062676625,1812865519&fm=26&gp=0, silk screen engraving, etc.; from the perspective of the color of engraving, it can be divided into black and white engraving, monochrome engraving, overprint engraving, etc.; from the perspective of the production method, it can be divided into intaglio, relief, flat, porous and comprehensive engraving, etc. In China, print art is not only a traditional art with a long history, but also a new way of artistic creation. China’s woodblock originated in Sui and Tang Dynasties, with a long history, while the history of new print creation is less than a hundred years. Since Lu Xun advocated woodcut at the beginning of the 20th century, the new woodcut prints in China have developed on their own revolutionary and pioneering. Art Education in primary and secondary schools plays a very important role in improving students’ creativity, practical ability and cultivating students’ aesthetic consciousness. With the rapid development of society, many primary and secondary schools in many countries set up print courses according to their own actual situation. In China, children’s printmaking education has been paid attention to for a long time. Primary and secondary school printmaking is listed as a required course for students, not only limited to woodcut printmaking, both in form and content are very rich. In particular, some large-scale woodblock and paper block paintings created by the collective are unique in composition and creativity and full of fantastic ideas. The effective development of printmaking course urges students to constantly stimulate their creativity.


The application of graffiti in children’s art teaching activities

To improve children’s painting ability, we need to create a relaxed and happy creative environment. A good environment is an indispensable factor in shaping a ability. Therefore, when the kindergarten art teacher guides the children to carry on the graffiti activity, it is necessary to let the children experience the whole body and mind relaxation, so that the children’s graffiti has more freedom, and stimulate their love for painting. At the same time, preschool teachers should also communicate with children actively and effectively, encourage children to write down what they think, see and remember, so as to improve children’s hand eye coordination ability and cultivate children’s good painting habits. For example, in classroom teaching, teachers can provide children with finger dye, and let children use their fingers and hands to doodle directly, either on their own learning tools or on paper. After the graffiti is finished, the partners talk about the content and meaning of their own paintings. This is to induce children’s real ideas in a relaxed environment, which is conducive to improving children’s expression ability and achieving multiple activity effects. At the end of children’s interaction, teachers can select three representative works, and praise the creators to stimulate children’s creative enthusiasm. In this way, children will encourage each other, learn together, and create meaningful and interesting paintings.


Mg gets rid of ice hockey, breaks through five ice hockey rewards, luxury version skills are really sharp

When we play to get rid of the ice hockey breakthrough, we must have met some very embarrassing things. The most typical thing is that we may have played with a high score for half a day, and then we haven’t met a good score. When the score of the game is lowered, it will explode. Although this situation is a big bang, it’s really embarrassing. Because the game points after the Big Bang can not make up for the loss of points before.


When we start to play free ice hockey break, the starting game score is usually not very high or very low. After waiting for a while, I found that at the beginning, I didn’t know how to explode. After playing more than ten games, there will be the first small burst.

At this time, if there are careful players at the beginning, they will find that since this small explosion, our luck has been quite good. Although it may not be a big explosion, it is a small explosion that continues, often able to make up for the lost points.

See here some smart players will sum up some conclusions, that is, the start of the game is generally less able to achieve high burst points.

Later, in order to verify this conclusion, we started to play games with low scores at the beginning, often almost a dozen games did not show small explosions.

Kobe Bryant’s Achilles tendon is broken. Do you still remember the free throw game

On April 13, 2013 (Beijing time), the Lakers played the Golden State Warriors at home, and fans familiar with Kobe knew what happened. Michael Jordan, the God of basketball, has left three times, and Kobe Bryant has left three times. It’s sad one by one. The game that ran out of the last bullet was the first time Kobe left. I don’t know why I chose to write first. Maybe I followed my first instinct. It may also be because this is a very special season, too unforgettable competition, like a symphony of desire, from chaos to sorrow, and from sorrow to stubbornness. The atmosphere is slowly brought up by the enthusiasm of the conductor. The whole orchestra and the audience are waiting for the climax of a chapter to come, so as to release the pent up emotion in the jumping and unrestrained notes Li – then, the conductor falls down and the performance stops abruptly. Everyone wakes up in the immersive experience. The old conductor, in the Grand Theater, in the majestic and intense repertoire, though full of heart and spirit, can no longer support his body.


How to watch baseball game?

You can go to a nearby university to ask if there are baseball teams or clubs. When they are training, you can watch them, chat with them, and try them out. It should be OK. I’m in the school baseball and softball club. When we had a training match on Saturday afternoon, some people were curious to ask us that we would explain it. When we were not busy, we could take him to play when we were not serious about the game. This is the fastest way to understand. However, if the owner of the building can’t contact the team, or there is no team in the local area, or the team doesn’t welcome watching, then Tencent sports is recommended. Tencent sports broadcast MLB commentary very well. But they are more passive and can’t ask questions. You can also go to station B to learn the rules first. Station B is popular science baseball. There are many big guys who love to generate electricity.


The rules of baseball are a little more complicated. It takes a little time to understand. You can read through the encyclopedia and ask questions directly. It seems that only the MLB broadcast by Penguin (as well as the negligible domestic leagues) is available in China. Penguin’s commentary is mainly for the existing fans and will not do too much science popularization. At first glance, there may be some questions. If someone sees and asks more at the same time, it’s OK. Baseball games are usually played for more than three hours, with more pauses. They are not suitable for everyone to watch and prepare for. If you know the players and the team, it seems that there is not much detailed introduction in China, it is recommended to go directly to the official website.

Burn! How 36 year old American accountants successfully counter attack in NHL

Last Thursday night, NHL ushered in the Chicago Blackhawks vs. Winnipeg jets game. Due to the injury and retreat of two Blackhawks’ goalkeepers, a substitute goalkeeper in No. 90 uniform was given the opportunity to play, “who is this guy?” The narrator asked, even make complaints about his clothes, and the audience was whispering.


Yes, no one knows the new goalkeeper, because this is the first time he stands on the ice of NHL to block the opponent’s goal, and this is the first time that everyone remembers him. He is Scott foster.

In the short 14 minutes after Scott came on the court, he blocked the opponent’s seven shots in a row, without losing a point. He helped Black Hawk win the game 6-2 and get a single MVP. This unknown Black Hawk 90 surprised everyone!

In addition to his performance on the field, Scott foster is even more surprising. He is actually a 36 year old American accountant and the father of two children. During the day, he spent nearly 10 hours typing on the computer. God, he’s not going to play hockey just after he’s done with his accounts, is he? Well, Mu Cuo, it’s maozi, isn’t it very dramatic? In fact, life is like this. You will never know what will happen in the next second, but all of this is reasonable, because some people are already ready.

On advertising, marketing and creativity

What is advertising? As the name implies, advertisement = advertisement, which can be understood as communication, or a delivers a certain message to B (Group / individual). I think advertising serves marketing.

What is marketing? Marketing is everywhere. An employee of an enterprise can wear a pair of torn pants on the street, take a red wine glass, drink Sprite, wear sunglasses and bite a $10 cigar and shout loudly. It can be marketing. It is a systematic project. Nowadays, the society has defined too many concepts for it, such as marketing, activity marketing, network marketing, micro blog marketing, telephone marketing, event marketing Bullshit, don’t be so complicated and new.

Banner Customization 18-301-74x74

Apart from the traditional 4P theory, I think that marketing is product, operation, price / profit model, sales channel and communication channel / form. Marketing is to create some props / ways to make front-end sales better.

Advertising, I understand as a matter of communication module. A tells B things through advertisement, and advertisement completes the task of advertisement. As for whether a guides B to fulfill a’s purpose and demand through advertisement, it is the whole marketing matter.

So, why do some brands advertise too much or fail? Even some bosses think it’s all right to hire an advertising agency, but they don’t go in business. They say it’s useless. They didn’t take into account other dimensions. Of course, it is undeniable that many advertising companies do not produce much work.

Coach Lauri marjam ä ki has a two-year contract extension with the clown

Lauri marjam ä Ki, 42, became head coach of the clown last season. Under his leadership, last season’s regular season clown won the fourth place in the west, but also the fifth consecutive season into the playoffs. He has won two Finnish ice hockey league titles, an Olympic bronze medal and a world championship silver medal. Based on his understanding of Finn / hockey, he and clown management believe that clowns can go further, and in order to achieve this goal, they also need to establish higher standards. Hope the coach and the team start the new season smoothly and keep passion!

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