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I will definitely do my best to guarantee the renewal of the two stars

I’m sure I’ll try my best to guarantee the renewal of these two superstars, and then keep some key players. In fact, as long as James and Davis stay on the team, the Lakers will always be the favourites to win the championship in the next two to three years. I agree with the quality of this certificate, including the pass you said before.

This finals, let us know that the Lakers are still the best team and the best team in the league. Many players who want to win the championship will still join the playoffs of the Lakers even if they have the base salary. Let me see that a D is actually able to compete for the role of the first person in the league, which is definitely the best team in the league.

Good player, old sticky, if you can keep the current state, even if you can keep the current state 90%, I think the Lakers will still be in the ranks of the championship for a long time, and the very important point is that there is still one last year left in the contract of kuisma. I agree with both of them, but actually as the Lakers, if the contract is for next year.

And in fact, he is sure that his goal next year will be to defend the title, but the road of defending the title next year will certainly not be so easy. Although the Clippers are very disappointing in the playoffs this year, next year’s clippers should still make a comeback. Suddenly, they may have to face this painful disaster in the playoffs.

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It’s very clear at a glance to share the number one winner of Zhongdou

Carter is free and easy, Kobe is fat and actually very important. The most important point is that they have been in the No. 4 draft this year, and they may choose the position in the No. 4 line. This year, they may be my favorite player. They are called Luca 2.0, a new treasure of small forward from Israel.

Haha, and then in Dani afdiya, I think this player is very suitable for the princess to watch. Amo, I think we will fight next season, because this year’s draft, the general assembly, my favorite Lotto show is that she said that since it comes to the draft, we say a little more, in fact, this year’s draft is very interesting, basically every year in the past.

It’s very clear at a glance to share the number one winner of Zhongdou. Actually, we have talked about the number one winner this year. There may be at least three or four. It can be said that the level of the top five to the top six players this year is relatively close. From this point of view, isn’t it.

Well, it’s possible that he can’t choose the person he wants in the fourth place, but is it an advantage for the public, that is to say, I’m very close to the three teams in front of you anyway. I’ll stay here. I think I just need to pick up the most gifted one. It’s very possible that although I’m in the low-speed position, I’ve got a good result Yuan potential.

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The most important thing is his percentage of three-point shots

Good contradiction, the main contradiction. If we have to pick up contradictions besides him, in fact, I think heatstroke prevention is a contradiction. These attacks are also contradictions. Now it seems that the team’s talent is limited. The Knicks are the third from the bottom in the NBA offensive ranking in the regular season last season, and the most important thing is his three-point shooting percentage.

It’s the last team. In fact, we talked about the Knicks when we first talked about the Knicks. I think the biggest problem of this Knicks is not the number one, not the attack. The biggest problem is to establish the core and establish his own tactical system. The key is actually the core.

There is a difference between me and you in these matters. I don’t think that Hebrew is good at. First of all, there is no one in the Knicks team that I think is reliable. Michael Robinson. You can see that there was No.1 player in the Bulls before. You said that the worst was in the forest.

When he also has two No.1 talent, full of this Knicks in addition to Robinson, you should not forget, he is this, there is last year’s No.3 show ajar Barrett, ah Shui’s first season in August can be said to be very, very disappointing, but I have nothing to give up, Barrett, I think this.

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Maybe it’s all about going to a team for the championship

His tacit understanding at the top of his career may have been that he wanted to go to a team to compete for the championship, right? At that time, Wei Shao surprised me. He said that he wanted to go to a team suitable for his characteristics, so he knew that his contract was indeed a comparison in the current league.

No, it’s hard to join a championship team. Although we’ve talked about all kinds of big deals, there will be all kinds of big news in the NBA transfer market and the upcoming player signing market. In fact, the market volatility of the transaction is very large, and it is very likely that we will have this program.

After that, there will be more heavy news before the broadcast. Therefore, our program will try to increase the frequency of updating and bring more original content to you. For example, we will check the draft meeting that we originally planned to broadcast before.

Ah, the last two. Why do you think there are so many teams who want to trade in this week’s news? The head teams are pushing their heads. I think, the truth is, the championship of the season is right. In fact, the NBA next season makes me think that it may be the best in recent years.

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Thunder is the most beneficial team

Thunder is the most beneficial team. For example, thunder is a fund manager. If he shortens the stock of clippers, he must hope that the worse the record of clippers is, the better. Moreover, the Clippers are the same as bucks in the next season. Once next season, clippers are very disappointed, and after that, pickled peppers are also good, and Kawaii wants both.

For the free agent, it is likely that both of them will not continue. After that, the draft rights of thunder’s hands will be worth a lot of money. Therefore, these transactions of thunder, like the ammunition delivered by the competitors of the Clippers next season, are also secretly playing for their own future, except for the trade with the powerful Western department.

Thunder has a long way to go. It’s far away from the Eastern Conference. Next season, it’s stipulated that the hope of winning the championship is also that there is at least a team expected to enter the Eastern Conference finals, that is, the Philadelphia 76ers have made a deal. It feels that the thunder has controlled the whole league’s transaction. Ah, behind the scenes, the arms dealers are right.

What’s more, you find that there are so many deals in the end, so many players don’t seem to be able to stay. In the end, it’s all this. The first round signing and lottery scraping are addictive. So king, as a person who resells super MJ T-shirts, should learn from thunder.

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The fate of alphabet songs has always been the most concerned issue of all fans

In fact, the fate of the alphabet song has always been the most concerned issue of all fans. In 2021, brother will become a free player. It can be said that Xiong Mu’s failure to bring champion level teammates to brother alphabet this year means that this team will lose this one next summer.

First of all, I think there is sincerity in this operation. I gave him full marks for the results, but I really can’t praise this process. Are you talking about the process or the cost? The process and the cost are very much felt by the general manager of Griffin.

It’s not very good. So applause should also be given to the general manager. It’s true that the general manager of Griffin reflected this unique skill in the previous thick eyebrow deal with the Lakers. Right? Bargaining plus ability is very strong. I know you want my star, but I just want to compete with you until the end.

He lost his patience and had to take a lot of patrols. At that time, the Lakers were basically bankrupt and added up all their money. However, there were no young players in the income side, so he had to put up his first round draft right in the next five years. Although the two are exchanged, these two years also mean that the Bucks will not have their own first round draft.

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They tried to use the sudden death, while Carol Tucker and Ibaka took turns

In fact, this is 14 times. In the second game of the series, James scored 3939 points with 14 shots, while Delon 31 shot two-for-five points on the opposite side. In this game, the Raptors hid themselves, and franchmas moved his sports ability better.

The swift storm and Parsons Patterson’s North Island move meant that they gave up height and interior attack, and used counterattack and speed against the Cavaliers as much as possible. In terms of defense against James, they tried to use sudden death, while Carol Tucker and Ibaka took turns.

However, no one can come up with the right answer. Under the strong impact of James, the Cavaliers got the highest 125 points in a single game in the history of the team. This is still based on Owen’s six-for-19 shot and Rolfe’s 21 minute gasoline.

This is James. It’s not true that James is not against other teams in the East. At least for now, James has no opponent in the East. After losing to Celtics in the Eastern Conference semi-final in 2010, James has never lived in the East for a series of games. After returning to Cleveland in 014, he has never lived in the East.

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He made many universities famous

I’m a big fan of Derek cross and Steve Nash, and if I had to say a name, I’d say it. He studied at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, so he grew up in the Gulf.

Children all know that hairtail is the place where I grew up. When I really had the chance to try and play with him, I really felt crazy. Spicy strip dreamed of having the same ball skills since childhood, but his physical condition was not so fast.

His basketball talent has not been taken seriously since he was a child. He spent his high school career in Lillard, an ordinary high school in Auckland, the bay area.

In the last season, he scored 45 points in a single game and averaged 28 points per game. However, because his high school wife is allergic, there is not much scouting attention to him, which makes many famous university coaches.

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It shows that the superstar has both attack and defense

This is the first round of the playoffs. Leonard can play in this series, which reflects that the superstar has both attack and defense. There are only two best defensive player trophies to tell. In terms of attack, it is not only Popovich who can rest assured that he can score more points.

In the world, especially in the face of the ability to pack, we don’t have to worry about tires, we have to bear the problem of underwriting. After the Grizzlies have 10 games in a whole season, high-intensity, bags and training, we both have been covered, organized attack has been enough to affect the outcome of the game progress, he will not be like two years ago.

The opponent can’t extricate himself from the sudden bag, and breaking through the first round can not completely prove that Leonard’s leading ability and the strong enemy like the rocket warrior are the sentence patterns that he must overcome on the way to superstar.

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Fighting is like winning a championship

Covering up the history of the Spurs draft, fighting is like winning the championship, celebrating that the Spurs have chosen Parker for the first game of the new season on October 30, 2001, and Parker, the clipper of the Spurs, came on the stage as the Third French player in history to play in the NBA and the top four players in the season.

Mazda’s QQ version of two breaks, two pairs in the fourth game by 20 points, after the king, Popovich decided to prepare, November 6 against magic, Parker NBA career fifth game official game, but go really arranged his schedule.

Many people’s expectations included that he was not responsible. After all, Parker’s original position was to play as a substitute for Daniels for the time being. Buford admitted that I had never met him. He would make another one-year start and even get a lot of time. I didn’t think it would be.

It’s going to be a two to three-year deal. In the third year, who knows where he’s going to be? It’s a good move, Tucker’s first shot, it’s fast, it can push the ball up, it’s going to give the spurs a better chance to change the offense, and it can also give the Spurs some space.

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