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Playing basketball team-mates to the end can not have the time to hold up and so on

If it’s really a small ball, well, Paul will always see the value of Baoru when Paul has no value. Well, Paul is wasting more than 40 million. How can we get it first.

I said that card, Bella is not in our small situation, you see Hardon alone with these small groups of small, this little brother with these useless three, I also said today also to talk to the children right, eh, playing basketball team-mates to the end can not have the time to hold up and so on. It’s very difficult for this team to play the playoffs. It’s really hard. Although I also support the Rockets, we can’t say anything fake.

It is true that the team is not competitive in the playoffs. If it can play the west, it really means. But thankfully, I really want to fight. Warriors. I don’t think it’s enough. Ah, don’t think it’s a good thing. Ah, hard has cut every game. Ah, 40 plus 50, right? Right. Well, this is right.

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The third position is the same

Ah, this is right to us. This MVP level, performance, position 3 is generally speaking, that is, there are more external players playing outside the line. Rockets are the same.

The third position is the same. Ah, turn around, wait for hardenbaul to pass the ball, diffraction three points and three points. Play this tactic. It is the standard 3D player. But the Rockets in this season are already indisputable to discuss this problem. Well, very low level. I don’t know if I don’t understand. I can see that the ball is still discussing these problems for several years. The Rockets are constantly correcting mistakes in this position this season. There is a very clear example.

We can verify it by listening to me. You write down the main team of rockets tomorrow, ah 5 people. It’s not normal. You write it out. It’s nothing new. But you have to write out the replacement of the five people of de Anthony tomorrow. That’s your ability.

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Basketball in the third era has changed the technical characteristics of players

All the reasons why harden is retreating now, ah, but if you can find the fourth point, it’s more accurate than us. If you can find out the facts and arguments, you can also tell us to leave a message. I hope you can leave a message for us.

One brain is not enough. Well, I think harden’s shot. Step back, three minutes. I’ve been thinking for a whole afternoon for two hours. I’ve been thinking about why, whether it’s a walk or not. Ah, why Hadden’s waiting for a bus now won’t cause so much criticism? Why didn’t it happen in the past? Why do it happen now?

Just like you’re very tired. Right? It’s also very tired. We have to defend for Hanneng. Right? The first privileged class, the second rule, the legitimacy. Basketball in the third era has changed the technical characteristics of players. OK, that’s all for this program. I hope my friends like to subscribe to it.

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It was also the first center in the league

You take it out for me, green? Who else? Tell me, it’s almost dead for so many years. Right. Robinson, asiakakjing. Hi tech company. They all fight. Ah Anthony Davis played center. They all went to play. Well, before big, it was not a big lucky slide.

If he didn’t think it was funny, well, this issue, I really don’t want to say it, I think it’s a good low-level program, but I have to say that because some fans just started to watch the ball, there will be such a wrong understanding, right. Well, don’t think Antony Davis is a center. He has this physical condition and physical ability.

He was a big player and respected. You take out old video and you can see what it was now and what it was. You can see what it was. You can see it. OK. And some fans. Well, Tang Shi, but Peter moved Anthony Davis out. I said that even if Anthony Davis moved out, he moved to NB. It was also the first center in the league. You can’t play the playoffs as Anthony Davis, the first center of the league. You can’t play the playoffs.

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In the third year and the fourth year

Well, in the summer, if Hayward’s negative assets and non-performing assets can be eliminated, of course, there must be more than one or two draft rights. Ah, after the removal of rent, choose an all star to come over, then Owen will have a look. If this team is still good, then it is possible to renew the contract with Celtic. Ah, if you want to speak from the position of this team, you can draw a conclusion from Owen.

Brontatum nattatum, now the pace of attack progress has slowed down. It’s a great game today, right? This year, it’s impossible to be like this again. This is the way of the middle superstar. How sure Nata is not a superstar. She won’t get five points in a year. This year, it’s a bumpy 15. Next year, she’ll be admitted to the exam 20 years later, maybe 25.

In the third year and the fourth year, she won’t get the top score. It’s not him. Look at things, right? This is James Wade. This is what Kobe McGrady does. It’s definitely not what he does. OK, so, Kobe seems to be the scoring champion. I’ve forgotten the year you won it. Anyway, that’s what it means. That’s what it means.

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The Rockets are still not satisfied with this position

It’s been a long time. It’s been a long time. Every time I talk about the Rockets, I always mention this. The Rockets hope to meet Wright, add a first round, sign and exchange a 3D player. Ah, they’re still preparing. It’s not strong in this position. It’s better to make up for the vacancy.

That is to say, the Rockets are still not satisfied with this position, which coincides with our idea and our judgment, because you know what the Rockets are short of now just by watching the Rockets’ game. So, er, we say that only Tucker is enough to be angry. Barely enough, 0.5, then there is still one, er, green, in the playoffs is continuous strong, if green has to go up to fight for more than 20 minutes and 30 minutes, then the Rockets lineup is not qualified, of course, er, increase kabela’s.

When the time can be supplemented, it’s just reluctant. We can only say it’s reluctant. It’s absolutely impossible for us to reach the warriors. So I personally think that Wright and the first round signing are almost impossible if we want to change a good 3d3 September 3rd position. No team will.

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Maybe it’s 30 million or 33 million rockets may not be

This is the position of the guard. It’s on the top, er, the defense is rock. The defense intensity is too strong. Under the circumstances, it can be a little bit more. 20 million will be given. Well, after all, you should take a good one in this position. You don’t pay a little price. What’s 15.6 million. Basically, you can’t sign it. Don’t expect Ariza to come back next year.

Ah Ariza, now I’ll go to the last big contract. This year’s fighting status. Next year, I’m going to sign a long contract. It’s possible to cut a three-year contract for three years. Maybe it’s 30 million or 33 million rockets may not be. Here, well, when the salary is 11 million, the salary pressure of the rocket team is very high. Unless you give up, wait. I think it’s impossible. Gordon’s contract is basically settled. We can go and check it out. Finally, verify our statement.

Well, because there is a special project right now. Well, there is, uh, this Wright contract has been processed, and space has been made available to sign this long contract for Gordon. This contract is more than 10 million. Besides, 20 million more, below, the contract is 20 million yuan long, and the amount of 60million in three years is basically given.

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The began to talk about how to improve Celtic’s absolute

As we have said before, apart from Michael Owen, captain needs not say much about this team. The core of the team is absolutely the core. The boss of the team must be the most important. Besides this, which one is the most important is hofford. We have reminded you again and again that we have talked about hofford for most of the season. It’s very, very important.

For Celtic team, I’ve read it again. For this team, the poetic defensive team uses iron and steel defense to consolidate their own defense, and then through Owen and others’ singles attack, er, to lead the team to victory. One by one, you can have a look.

Now, Owen is both a father and a mother. Later, he began to talk about how to improve Celtic’s absolute strength in the East. If he gave up singles, gave up personal leading attack, and put this kind of organizational point guard into practice. We have to bear it. Come to UAE to help the team and attack. Everybody, Jay brown. We know that this player is a frontier defense player. It’s impossible for him to attack with a single shot. Logic is also very unfortunate. It’s attack, right? Tatum is also such a player. No one in the organization has any assists.

But the triple double record doesn’t mean that you can control everything

On the side, go and get to know him. My answer to netizens at that time was that, well, you can see whose record you want to see first, and whose record you want to break first is more difficult. Er, now it’s more difficult to prove weishao’s jealousy. So it’s true. Continuous, 30 plus, continuous 30 plus, as long as you are willing to take the shot, as long as you have the absolute right to throw, you can throw this score, right?

But the triple double record doesn’t mean that you can control everything, right? If your teammates don’t get assists. If you put the following assists into a pair, your three double record is suck. Your threat is that you lose 40 of the assists, plus 10 rebounds, and 78 assists, and two or three. You’re not as good as two or three.

Well, if the rest of the team doesn’t give you the strength, you can go there to bet. Do you understand? Do you want to pass the ball to the other player? Ah, so it’s more difficult to record three pairs in a row. Before, as early as a year ago, the local American reporter interviewed Jordan about this. How did the talented Jordan say, ah, Jordan was very generous. The reporter asked this question at that time.

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It’s not broken or established when we play in this position

It’s 356 minutes to play an efficient 356 minutes. There are only five big data for the manager, so he can’t play in the playoffs. Come back next year. This year, there are four playoffs missing. Next year, we’ll make up. We said that four playoffs are nothing. You want to play after the finals.

One game can play in the playoffs, you have more than 20 games to brush data, right? So, we should take a long-term view. In the future, er, this season itself is not the champion year. Don’t cut too much, ah, these young players, let him be bold and sell at a good price in summer. We have said before. Right? Before the trade, we said, ah, this season, eningram pants, Hart, plus, wolf, Boer, the four young players, the four little Lakers, that is the last season, which is not controversial.

Well, it’s not broken or established when we play in this position. Ah, it’s called Er, be brave after you know your shame, ah, so, er, Laker fans, James fans, you can have a rest, a rest, a rest, basically you can give up, this X5 game ball, no matter whether you are three wins, 3.5 wins or four productions.

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