There’s no way out in the playoffs mode

Well, the second problem that Celtic faced last season was that they couldn’t find a second scorer except Owen. I always said that there was no such situation in the playoffs. What we can deal with is to reach the playoffs with this super scorer. Oh, it must be the other side’s focus. There’s no room for you to score so easily. Just like harden, he leads the team with a single core. Other players don’t have enough weight.

There’s no way out in the playoffs mode. Some friends say that they have also played in the East end and the Cavaliers. He is an accident, that is, the eastern region is worried about these teams in the eastern region.

If the Raptors meet the Celtics in the semi-final, I believe the Celtics will not be so lucky. Then speaking of this season. The Celtic team, the problem of high price and money has changed again, because the Celtic team now this line-up he no longer plays this Baines, this point is Baines has been played or er Er kicked out of the starting position, in other words, Celtic.

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