There are 82 matches in the regular season of the playoffs


Running out of our point of view, I have said before that it is a very powerful tactic that can be implemented almost for the three highs of this team, but I am afraid of playing the regular season. I always don’t believe that I can play in the work area. I never believe that because there are 82 matches in the regular season of the playoffs. What I use is a team with three high tolerance and ability.

This team can only play in the playoffs and play in the series. For the other team, it’s shooting. If you want to play in the regular season, when you meet different teams, it’s always using a routine. I’m a big three high player, and the opponent will definitely play, right. There are a lot of young teams. If you drag you and run, you don’t have a big advantage.

After all, some Anthony Davies of mirottichland are tall athletes, and their tolerance is definitely worse than that of younger brother athletes, especially when they reach the end of the season, their physical fitness is unknown or, er, energy. It’s easy to get hurt when you withdraw. So, once you get reimbursed, it’s not as good as those teams that play small ball tactics now. Last season, attendance, like injuries, can also confirm our point of view. Playing double high and junior must play after season.

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