They may have only one or two chances in their career

There are those who deliberately brush triple doubles. Of course, what we are talking about is not deterrence, but the role-based players who brush triple doubles. They may have only one or two chances in their career, and they are so short of a rebound and an assist. This man is also very hard to get.

Three doubles. I remember the burden of the Rockets. Sura. Well, I continue to remember that he, um, including the Soviet Union, seemed to be in the Hornets or the non dead Hornets club at that time, flying better than the Hornets. Er, he corrected me where I was wrong.

Only Teng long saw, brush three pairs, is shameless brush three pairs, deliberately throw, take the ball, rebound, and throw their own rebounds, grab a rebound, who are these people, and the ER, the wizard’s Blache, I don’t know if you have any impression. In the Laker team, McKee, this McKee, ah, this is the ball, very, very impressive, because McKee is a big effect player in the league, and a living treasure in the league, so it’s very interesting. At that time, he got 10 rebounds and 10 assists. In my impression, such 10 rebounds and 10 assists are just short of the last two points.

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