Because some of the Laker fans started

Well, today’s game, as well as the reporters and the media, they said that James was on the sideline, and ah, the thick eyebrow guy was just like that. Some of them didn’t do news. Well, let’s focus on this, because some of the Laker fans started. Is it possible? Is it possible for Anthony Davis?

I personally think. In fact, friends who have been listening to our program should know that our views are the same, that is, we personally think that we should act as a leader. James is 34 years old. He will be 34 years old from 485 to next year. It can be said that he is at the end of his career. So when James comes to the Laker team, I always tell the Laker fans that James is a good player.

Careerist, don’t think James will be willing to do what he is. James is giving these young players a little time and a little chance now. If you don’t play well, if you waste James’s career, no matter how many years he can still play, or those three years, four years, may and five years.

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