It can be 10 shots in every game

I can, too. I can also assist. The organization is right. In the second half, the game is sudden, Kobe, Phoenix, and take three pairs. I remember that three pairs let the world shut up. This Kobe fan must know what the experience is about to explain what the players like Kobe are. It can be 10 shots in every game, and it can bring essential changes to the team.

But Curie is, Kobe can tell the world that I am a superstar without just one ball, right, we said, 20 games spent in underwear. It may be a process of adaptation, right, but you can see that the player’s grades are different from this thing.

The grades are different. So through that, Curie, this dark seam Cole, this air gap shout. I can’t play 11 times every game. Cole also reflects the pressure and the pressure. Then he goes in and adjusts. Such a Dalla green, this kind of sales circle, is a little bit less digging for Durant and Thompson.

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