Still in the position of scoring guard


In terms of ability, we will talk about the matter of Hardon and Thompson today. We can uncover the best. It doesn’t have all kinds of this. Er, dribble error, dribble error, throw several points in a row, and this will bring back the previous decadence, but today, Hardon is. At that time, he reached out 500 gods and made 10 three-thirds and 23 shots in 23 dozens. Ah, this is terrible. It was crazy to shoot in the early years.

Well, after Kobe Bryant was injured, he didn’t come back to Changsha. He also, grin, played in the position of the scoring guard, there was a fault, er, there was no successor. At that time, Thomson and harden and Hadden were still in the position of scoring guard.

These two players can inherit Kobe Bryant’s mantle. Well, there were some things at that time, and won the championship. So, there were many fans who said that Thompson was the league, the first scoring guard, ah ha could only row the second place to see after so many years. It is necessary to confirm what we said.

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