I’m talking about this thing

PI Chang Oh, right? I think we know our friends. We have a friend who has been gathering for many years. I must think I have talked about it all the time. I’m talking about this thing. Right. We said, I personally think it’s not good.

There is nothing good. After that, I am. Spurs, playing this career, may be the highest hit rate, mentioned a point of a few points from 50 times to 51, 49 to 50 ah, I think it is normal, but what is gratifying, outside right, I think so. Success, right?

Under the Spurs’ tactical system, there are more opportunities to create. You can get more points in each game. One doesn’t mean anything. In this environment, if you don’t rise and fall, you will be bad. Well, it turns out, this is right. Aldridge is not right with the Spurs. Well, this single player. You designed him a lot of tactics. I don’t think that ball is handed to him. You pull you off. Well, I don’t care about you.

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