The most important thing is his percentage of three-point shots

Good contradiction, the main contradiction. If we have to pick up contradictions besides him, in fact, I think heatstroke prevention is a contradiction. These attacks are also contradictions. Now it seems that the team’s talent is limited. The Knicks are the third from the bottom in the NBA offensive ranking in the regular season last season, and the most important thing is his three-point shooting percentage.

It’s the last team. In fact, we talked about the Knicks when we first talked about the Knicks. I think the biggest problem of this Knicks is not the number one, not the attack. The biggest problem is to establish the core and establish his own tactical system. The key is actually the core.

There is a difference between me and you in these matters. I don’t think that Hebrew is good at. First of all, there is no one in the Knicks team that I think is reliable. Michael Robinson. You can see that there was No.1 player in the Bulls before. You said that the worst was in the forest.

When he also has two No.1 talent, full of this Knicks in addition to Robinson, you should not forget, he is this, there is last year’s No.3 show ajar Barrett, ah Shui’s first season in August can be said to be very, very disappointing, but I have nothing to give up, Barrett, I think this.

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Maybe it’s all about going to a team for the championship

His tacit understanding at the top of his career may have been that he wanted to go to a team to compete for the championship, right? At that time, Wei Shao surprised me. He said that he wanted to go to a team suitable for his characteristics, so he knew that his contract was indeed a comparison in the current league.

No, it’s hard to join a championship team. Although we’ve talked about all kinds of big deals, there will be all kinds of big news in the NBA transfer market and the upcoming player signing market. In fact, the market volatility of the transaction is very large, and it is very likely that we will have this program.

After that, there will be more heavy news before the broadcast. Therefore, our program will try to increase the frequency of updating and bring more original content to you. For example, we will check the draft meeting that we originally planned to broadcast before.

Ah, the last two. Why do you think there are so many teams who want to trade in this week’s news? The head teams are pushing their heads. I think, the truth is, the championship of the season is right. In fact, the NBA next season makes me think that it may be the best in recent years.

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