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Leading the whole team to attack

So the basic criteria for evaluating a superstar, on average, a star player, well, now let’s focus on the Celtic team. Some friends say that the Celtic team actually plays team basketball. Team, cooperation, plus, Owen, um, leading the whole team to attack.

That’s a good question. So, er, let’s discuss, ah, modern basketball or basketball is playing. Team basketball, or play star, basketball, is to play team cooperation or play superstar, superstar, basketball, um, is what we call plot basketball. So throughout the past 20 years, from Jordan’s retirement to now, let’s look at these teams that have won the championship.

There are not so many superstars in each team. From the OK combination and GDP of the time, the GDP of the Spurs and the later Kobe Gasol of the Lakers.

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There’s no way out in the playoffs mode

Well, the second problem that Celtic faced last season was that they couldn’t find a second scorer except Owen. I always said that there was no such situation in the playoffs. What we can deal with is to reach the playoffs with this super scorer. Oh, it must be the other side’s focus. There’s no room for you to score so easily. Just like harden, he leads the team with a single core. Other players don’t have enough weight.

There’s no way out in the playoffs mode. Some friends say that they have also played in the East end and the Cavaliers. He is an accident, that is, the eastern region is worried about these teams in the eastern region.

If the Raptors meet the Celtics in the semi-final, I believe the Celtics will not be so lucky. Then speaking of this season. The Celtic team, the problem of high price and money has changed again, because the Celtic team now this line-up he no longer plays this Baines, this point is Baines has been played or er Er kicked out of the starting position, in other words, Celtic.

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Most of the ball control time is done by himself

Simmons is a small forward, an organized small forward, James’ template. What position is James? Some people say that James is in the No. 1 position? He does this job, but he is not in this position. If he tries his best to work in the No. 1 position, it will not be able to achieve its maximum value.

The reason for this is very simple. James is too heavy. If he really wants to play No.1, his ability to run without the ball and fight alone will be greatly reduced. Because his physical fitness is not guaranteed, you have to ask him to work and organize. It’s also justice No.1. He gets every ball.

Hand James is the same whether he’s in the Cavaliers, the heat or the current Lakers. He’s in the No.3 position. Most of the ball control time is done by himself, and a small part of the ball control time is done by justice point guard. But part of it is physical fitness. This is James’s correct way of playing. James can never play in the first position. He is completely in charge of the ball. Even if he has the ability now, he will not do it because his value can not be reflected in the position above the court.

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The later game didn’t play well today

Ten 23 teams, 13 teams or so can shock the playoffs, so if the winning rate is not very high at present, it may be very average. Maybe the winning rate is not very high, it seems that it is just one. Two games, ah, playoffs, ah, it’s hard to say who touches who. It’s up to luck.

Ah, everyone’s destiny. So, ah, the Rockets started to spray the ball against the jazz and the team today. Did some netizens start to question it again? Paul didn’t play well in the previous game, right? The later game didn’t play well today.

To be honest, 12 points, three, four rebounds, five, six rebounds It’s an assist. It’s 25 minutes. It’s not a good time. It’s not a good time. As we said before, if the Rockets want to win, Paul has to play. Paul, you don’t want to talk about it, right? It’s 15 points plus, um, seven or eight assists, or 18 points plus seven assists, 15 points plus 10 assists, 12 assists. This is his standard, aha, averaging 25 points on the court, then you have to reach 25 points or more, right? You also have to get 67 assists.

There are 82 matches in the regular season of the playoffs


Running out of our point of view, I have said before that it is a very powerful tactic that can be implemented almost for the three highs of this team, but I am afraid of playing the regular season. I always don’t believe that I can play in the work area. I never believe that because there are 82 matches in the regular season of the playoffs. What I use is a team with three high tolerance and ability.

This team can only play in the playoffs and play in the series. For the other team, it’s shooting. If you want to play in the regular season, when you meet different teams, it’s always using a routine. I’m a big three high player, and the opponent will definitely play, right. There are a lot of young teams. If you drag you and run, you don’t have a big advantage.

After all, some Anthony Davies of mirottichland are tall athletes, and their tolerance is definitely worse than that of younger brother athletes, especially when they reach the end of the season, their physical fitness is unknown or, er, energy. It’s easy to get hurt when you withdraw. So, once you get reimbursed, it’s not as good as those teams that play small ball tactics now. Last season, attendance, like injuries, can also confirm our point of view. Playing double high and junior must play after season.

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They may have only one or two chances in their career

There are those who deliberately brush triple doubles. Of course, what we are talking about is not deterrence, but the role-based players who brush triple doubles. They may have only one or two chances in their career, and they are so short of a rebound and an assist. This man is also very hard to get.

Three doubles. I remember the burden of the Rockets. Sura. Well, I continue to remember that he, um, including the Soviet Union, seemed to be in the Hornets or the non dead Hornets club at that time, flying better than the Hornets. Er, he corrected me where I was wrong.

Only Teng long saw, brush three pairs, is shameless brush three pairs, deliberately throw, take the ball, rebound, and throw their own rebounds, grab a rebound, who are these people, and the ER, the wizard’s Blache, I don’t know if you have any impression. In the Laker team, McKee, this McKee, ah, this is the ball, very, very impressive, because McKee is a big effect player in the league, and a living treasure in the league, so it’s very interesting. At that time, he got 10 rebounds and 10 assists. In my impression, such 10 rebounds and 10 assists are just short of the last two points.

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Because some of the Laker fans started

Well, today’s game, as well as the reporters and the media, they said that James was on the sideline, and ah, the thick eyebrow guy was just like that. Some of them didn’t do news. Well, let’s focus on this, because some of the Laker fans started. Is it possible? Is it possible for Anthony Davis?

I personally think. In fact, friends who have been listening to our program should know that our views are the same, that is, we personally think that we should act as a leader. James is 34 years old. He will be 34 years old from 485 to next year. It can be said that he is at the end of his career. So when James comes to the Laker team, I always tell the Laker fans that James is a good player.

Careerist, don’t think James will be willing to do what he is. James is giving these young players a little time and a little chance now. If you don’t play well, if you waste James’s career, no matter how many years he can still play, or those three years, four years, may and five years.

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It can be 10 shots in every game

I can, too. I can also assist. The organization is right. In the second half, the game is sudden, Kobe, Phoenix, and take three pairs. I remember that three pairs let the world shut up. This Kobe fan must know what the experience is about to explain what the players like Kobe are. It can be 10 shots in every game, and it can bring essential changes to the team.

But Curie is, Kobe can tell the world that I am a superstar without just one ball, right, we said, 20 games spent in underwear. It may be a process of adaptation, right, but you can see that the player’s grades are different from this thing.

The grades are different. So through that, Curie, this dark seam Cole, this air gap shout. I can’t play 11 times every game. Cole also reflects the pressure and the pressure. Then he goes in and adjusts. Such a Dalla green, this kind of sales circle, is a little bit less digging for Durant and Thompson.

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Still in the position of scoring guard


In terms of ability, we will talk about the matter of Hardon and Thompson today. We can uncover the best. It doesn’t have all kinds of this. Er, dribble error, dribble error, throw several points in a row, and this will bring back the previous decadence, but today, Hardon is. At that time, he reached out 500 gods and made 10 three-thirds and 23 shots in 23 dozens. Ah, this is terrible. It was crazy to shoot in the early years.

Well, after Kobe Bryant was injured, he didn’t come back to Changsha. He also, grin, played in the position of the scoring guard, there was a fault, er, there was no successor. At that time, Thomson and harden and Hadden were still in the position of scoring guard.

These two players can inherit Kobe Bryant’s mantle. Well, there were some things at that time, and won the championship. So, there were many fans who said that Thompson was the league, the first scoring guard, ah ha could only row the second place to see after so many years. It is necessary to confirm what we said.

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I’m talking about this thing

PI Chang Oh, right? I think we know our friends. We have a friend who has been gathering for many years. I must think I have talked about it all the time. I’m talking about this thing. Right. We said, I personally think it’s not good.

There is nothing good. After that, I am. Spurs, playing this career, may be the highest hit rate, mentioned a point of a few points from 50 times to 51, 49 to 50 ah, I think it is normal, but what is gratifying, outside right, I think so. Success, right?

Under the Spurs’ tactical system, there are more opportunities to create. You can get more points in each game. One doesn’t mean anything. In this environment, if you don’t rise and fall, you will be bad. Well, it turns out, this is right. Aldridge is not right with the Spurs. Well, this single player. You designed him a lot of tactics. I don’t think that ball is handed to him. You pull you off. Well, I don’t care about you.

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